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One Mind Studio, Bringing In the New Year 2009



The Value of a new Head Shot! You really want my picture up there? YES

Cam Williams, Founder

Cam Williams, Founder

I decided to get a new head shot based on the fact that I am launching lots and lots of new ways to promote your business.  Things like the value of blogging, how that impacts you with the bots that pick us all up and make sense of what category and where we fit.

Bottom line is we all get a feeling for the person when we see their photo.  So put your picture up,  get real,  get authentic.  Our intuition level is on the move upwards so should you be.   Put your picture on everything, your website, e-mails, your blog and campaigns. It is also called branding.  Statistic show that people remember a face better than a name. The Number one reason people will buy from you is because they like you. Remember you need to back up the purchase with integrity and commitment. Always with their best interest at heart, you’ll sleep like a baby and they will be delighted to continue to do business with you and your company.

I want to brag up Weston Hall, my across the street neighbor that happens to be the eye candy of the block! He also is the most talented, Young (bummer) man with his camera. He came to take my picture I had lost my keys 6 hours prior. I said, ” if you can make me smile and look half way happy about life” we are so on. Here is what he came up with and I found my keys a few hours later! Turned out to be a Good day and Weston made it better.

Weston is a blogger as well you can find him and his awesome photograpy on his website also his blog is in my blog roll.

See you when you have your picture up!


Cam Williams

Marketing for

How to Market you on the Net? For No better reason than it is Cold Outside!

Being in business on the net is simply a must. Being in Salt Lake City on the Net is a double must. The layering required to simply go to the store is time consuming and requires a ton of decisions.

Do I need 2 sweaters, a sweat shirt (extremely sexy, stand in line) and a Tee shirt under all that? A layer of hat, gloves, and scarf? Should I start the car or see if the car will start before I blow dry my hair? Should I blow dry my hair, what is the point! It’s cold out there, mine as well blog, create a movie or build a blog for my darling delightful clientele.

Yes just eat what is in the frig, and leave the PJ’s on, at least for the moment. Finding heaven here in SLC. Here is my latest and greatest, Movie for Tin Roof Properties in S.C and a new blog I built for Pati, she so needs to write her wit , “The Holistic Gourmet”. Blog is not completley done needs Pati Reiss picture… She adorable and feeds me often, I like that!

Her blog making her a video soon, on her site currently is simply video footage from a Yoga Retreat, we attended a few months back. She fed 50 people 3x’s a day…. I helped! Laughter was the only thing that saved me since she made and I mean made me, chop, dice, slice, more veggies than any human ever should! Or ever will again! Meaning ME!

A Fabulous Video for Tin Roof Properties, South Carolina, believe it is warm there, perhaps I should dash over and see how they are manifesting sales!  You know double check my work!

I am all about service so thinking I should lend you a hand about now. Perhaps your in a very snowey cold place. A good idea for you is to get on the net and be of service. Perhaps you could entertain yourself by going to my You Tube account (camwilliams1) checking out my Video’s and giving them some amazingly powerful stars and perhaps a comment~ This feeds my clients, I get to know you, “doesn’t get any better than that” and you well you stay warm…..
Blessings, Cam

What to do with a Custom Video just for your Business?

We are ready, when ever you are! Get Savvy!

We are ready, when ever you are! Get Savvy!

 There are many ways to grow your business with Marketing Gurus Video. In addition to the ideas below,

Enhance your website

Make your website more compelling with video that showcases new product launches, special events, holiday or seasonal specials, or simply videos that feature your staff or your customers.

Help your e-newsletter go viral

Add video to your e-newsletter and create a marketing tool that your audience will want to read and share.

Create killer PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations can be a necessary evil, but with your Video for Business you can easily add powerful, custom video to each presentation.

Spice up your blog

Make your blog even more engaging and encourage your readers to recommend your blog by including captivating or entertaining video.

Create promotional videos for trade shows

Make sure you’ve got the most compelling booth at your next convention by showcasing your product or service as show-stopping video. DVD-quality videos look stunning on a large plasma screen!

Video of the month

Post a video of the week/month/season to your blog or website and inspire prospective clients to schedule appointments and current clients to schedule more.

Upload promotional videos to YouTube

Increase your visibility with traffic generating “commercials” on YouTube.

Create video content for your place of business

If you’ve got a business with plasma screens (maybe a real estate firm, bar, coffee shop, salon) run video featuring your products, last weekend’s client-appreciation event, etc.

Help your clients share your product

Provide your clients with videos they can upload to their website, blog, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc.

With unlimited DVD-quality downloads, you can easily produce DVDs that your clients can watch on their TV.

Getting on top of your game with the net is always a challenge! Staying on top of the search engines with creative fun is what we do best! 

Cam Williams, Founder

Marketing For Gurus

Healing Spirit Arts, For Our SLC, Community

Marja Shelley is an Intuitive Counselor and Healer working with a variety of modalities including Tarot, Astrology, Resonance Repatterning™, Reconnective Healing® and Theta Healing®. She has worked with hundreds of people from different backgrounds and ages in helping them with their emotional issues, navigating their life challenges and developing direction in their life aligned with their inner guidance. She offers individual sessions (in person and on the phone) and workshops. To schedule a session or for media or training inquiries or 801-209-7714
Http://, Cam Williams 801-577-3646

Dr Marc Gafni, Why are you Alive?

The Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith is having his way with us,
here in Salt Lake City. But it’s okay. We’re loving it!

Agape @ Gratitude

Sundays at 3:30 PM for meditation and 4:00 PM for service
First United Methodist Church
Southeast Corner, 200 South & 200 East, Downtown SLC
Enter the East (back) door and go straight down to the Worship Room
Accessible by TRAX

The recorded words of Reverend Michael, as usual, will be showcased
at 4 pm. Come to drink from the well of his wisdom.

But for the meditation (reflection) period, beginning at 3:30 pm, we
will have an added bonus: Dr Marc Gafni will speak on the topic:
Why are you Alive? Dr. Marc is a best-selling author, master of the
Hebrew wisdom tradition of Kabbalah, internationally renown spiritual
teacher and social artist, as well as co-founder of the cutting edge
evolutionary movement iEvolve.

Join us. It will be a double treat.

Hope to see you there,


Dr. Leslie Reynolds Benns
Marketing for Gurus, Created by, Cam Williams, 801-577-3646,