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Marketing for Gurus Community Support At Earth Jam 09′

Marketing for Gurus, picks and chooses wisely in regard to our community support. This year we have been invited to participate in Earth Jam 09′. We are extremely excited to join in on the exceptional opportunity to market and support this important yearly event.

What you can expect to see from Gurus……Video’s from past years Earth Jam, invitations to not only get involved with sponsorship but also an opportunity to get your company a booth at the Jam. Guru’s are here to help out with answering questions or simply find the person that can!

Rather you are a vendor or coming for the day to learn about earth friendly companies, listen to the music, check out the latest local artist, or be at the park for no other reason than curiosity, no matter,  you will feel the Charisma at Liberty Park April 25, & 26, 09′


Here is what Earth Jam is all about…..  click here for Website

Earth Jam’s  mission is to produce concert events providing an open forum for organizations to communicate their views and objectives. In doing this we also provide a venue for artists, entertainers and others who share a high level of interest in increasing public awareness of environmental concerns.
The creation and magic of Earth Jam begun in 1992 with 3 men and a vision; Dan Marsh, Branford Butler, and John Bullock. Dan Marsh is the only surviving founder. They had heart and soul that lives on today; their vision has crossed the spectrum from environmental issues to music, art and self expression of all kinds. Today Earth Jam has become one of the large free festivals in Utah. Earth Jam Productions is a non-profit organization that comes together every April in celebration of Earth Day. Our annual Festival is held in Liberty Park located in Salt Lake City, UT. We offer a variety of different activities that all help educate on bettering the environment and bringing people and community’s together.


Of course the volunteers are the backbone of Earth Jam. There are a number of things that volunteers do with Earth Jam from making phone calls to set up and take down. It is through our volunteers that Earth Jam has become such a great success. Earth Jam is a nonprofit organization and does everything on a volunteer basis; we are always looking for new faces, ideas, talents and energies, to joining our volunteer staff. If you are interested in any of the things Earth Jam has to offer please contact us at:

Earth Jam has,  4 main areas that represent the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water) that we fill with local talent and performing artists each year.

As music is the heart of Earth Jam it will be featured on The Earth and The Fire Stages.

The Water Stage will feature our Workshops, on different environmental issues and healthier living ideas. The workshops are both informational and hands on

The Air Stage will be featuring visual arts and preforming art.

The Children’s Garden Center helps teach our children lasting memories on Global consciousness and building a safer future for generations to come.

Contact Dena for a Sponsorship or a booth, both are moving quickly. Earth Jam had over 10.000 visitors last year we expect this year to be more than amazing.

Cam Williams

Holly Evans

Marketing for Gurus


Marketing for Gurus, Stays Involved!

Marketing for Gurus has the capability to stay in touch with our local community in this beautiful state, Utah. With our recent growth of new staff, new classes, new videos, new events,  we are able to BE what we are about. Which is forward thinker’s, creating amazing businesses for our organic growth locally, and yes, world wide.  My term because it fits so well is …. BEYOND EXCITED!

Holly and I are working diligently on web cast for world exposure of our service. I will keep you posted on just when you can see our efforts rolling out over the next few months. In the meantime Blog Building, Video’s for Business exposure, Connecting up all of your current on-line means of staying connected. We will hook you up to simplify your daily marketing needs.

Here is our next Event that has our full Support, more information to come tomorrow (hint: Earth Jam 09″), stay tuned in and provide any and all comments! We would love to hear from you.


Cam Williams

Holly Evans

Marketing for Gurus

Blogging Made Easy

A Business can be so…well…business-like!  Do you want to walk into a place where everything is static, unfriendly,  and exactly the same, or do you prefer dealing with real people?  If you are like me, I like to know that I am dealing with real people that have a personality and can work well with me.  That is a big point of blogging.  Especially business blogging!  You are letting people know that they are dealing with people, not just bricks and mortar.

At Marketing For Gurus, we add all of the shell of your Blog. What does that mean?


  • Custom Header
  • RSS Feeds
  • Pingbacks
  • Linkbacks
  • Tag Words Built
  • Categories Built
  • Instructions on how to make it all work

At Marketing For Gurus, we care that you have exactly what you need to bring you the web presence you desire.

Marketing for Gurus, Just Expanded!

Marketing for Gurus has been experiencing the great and wonderful challenge of over growth. Gurus has done our very best to catch up with the on-slot of new ideas, new clients and new projects! Seems “getting the word out” about our wonderful healers in our valley has a need and a niche much greater than myself.

I have welcomed with open arms my newest, latest, greatest, business partner Holly Evans. Holly makes my world easy with direct connections with my face book, Plaxo, Linkedin, Twitter and You Tube all joining hands with ease and grace. I must admit she has filled my in box with more conversations than perhaps one can handle! She can and will be providing these services for you.

Holly is an amazing resource finder, my in box is also overflowing with ideas from her that we can put on the drawing board for our future services for you.

What we have up our sleeve!

  1. Web cast series for Internet marketing (Global)
  2. E-books development, selling on Amazon
  3. Your logo or banner sent along with in your e-mail
  4. Webinars providing education about your business
  5. Website featuring providers of healthy services (world wide)

I will be updating an “About Holly” Page and providing contact information as well as Holly will be an Author on this blog as one of her many talents. Holly is gifted in her writing skills, enjoying her wisdom in marketing is one of the aspect you will greatly enjoy.

Here is a small dose of Holly….

Holly Evans, Rock Star Marketing for Gurus

Holly Evans, Rock Star Marketing for Gurus

 Holly’s Words…

“I made a career out of doing things that nobody else wanted to do.  If there was a task at my prior jobs that everybody hated doing, I would make it my entire function so that they were not bothered with it.  I knew once I got good at it, I would like it.  I was always right about that.  Not to mention, others at work appreciated me because I removed their drudgery.  That’s really what it’s about for me.  Making things fun for other people so they can sing through their day, that is my goal for here too.

I love social marketing.  Facebook Twitter, Linked-In, Plaxo, and many others.  There are so many sites where you can set up a profile and get seen.  Not only do I find it fun to set up the profiles, but it is just as fun to help people define their purposes for being there”.

You can see just from this introduction of Holly we are in for one exciting year and many more to come.


Founder, Cam Williams