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Creating Traffic to your Event!

Summertime! Be a part of the Center for Spiritual Living Healing Arts Fair… Express who you are in our Community!

We are all ready to move, get the word out and show our creative and inspiring healing business at events, classes, workshops and simply be in our community. Here is your chance…

Having a Blog along with a Video can rock your world and expand your reach. Not to mention both are fun for you to utilize share and BE about your services!

How do you become the one that stands out? How do you play and have fun in your company. Each of my clients have amazing passion with what they have created and what they want to share with others. As always I am blessed to know each and every one that I get to work with!

Here is Your Chance to be of service and express your product or services to the SLC Community! Center for Spiritual Living is having a Fundraiser Benefit for raising capital for a new larger building. We are growing!

Date is Saturday July 18, 2009

The Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living

870 E. North Union Ave

Midvale, Ut 84047

Call Jan Magner for a booth 801-815-3404 or  email

The Purpose
To provide an opportunity for our community to come together in a safe environment to share our talents and to allow individuals to explore and experience all of the healing modalities that we have to offer. At the same time, we will be earning money to benefit our Center’s building fund which will allow us to create a new and improved center for worship and space to allow our healers to provide healing for our community on and on going basis.

How to Apply:

We have a limited amount of openings for healers, we are very close to full….

If you are a healer with a modality that you would like to offer as a benefit at our Healing Arts Fair, please contact: Jan Magner ~ 801-815-3404 or contact Liz Adams at 602-703-6232

All proceeds generated at this event will be used for our Center’s Building Fund. This is also a wonderful opportunity for networking and demonstrating your skills to our community.

If you cannot be in attendance the day of the event, but would like to participate, we will also be conducting a raffle of healing services to earn additional funds for our Center. This is another great way for you to demonstrate your talents and donate your time to benefit the Center’s Building Fund.  Cost of the Healing space is $25.00 and if your need a display table a fee of $10.

Only a few spaces left, call today!

Center for Spiritual Living

Blessing and happy marketing,



Custom Blogs and Custom Video

Specializing in blog building for small to medium companies. Drop the word blog and you have an active and interactive website for your business at a much lower cost than a website. Remove the webmaster, save yourself time and money. In this unique world of economic transition it is important to be able to control and utilize marketing for your company with confidence, ease and direct communication. Complete training of how to run and interact with your readers and in turn your new clientele.

I build the core of your blog. Custom header, solid static pages (4), provide pertinent RSS feeds, build out your blog roll, up date your avatar and have you up and running your business from your blog/website with in a few short weeks. You are then supported with training on how to log on your blog, key words and categories of interest for your target market. I provide as well a press release for your new blog/web and submit your blog/website to search engines as part of your package.

Taking your blog to the next level by adding a custom business video short. Video are now the way to stimulate a reader to learn more. I then teach you how and “it is easy” to create your own video to inspire your clients to learn more. You can promote events, products, services, classes with these over the top fun video. Posting on YouTube and submitting your video will be as part of your training as well.

My recent work

Business Videos Shorts

I am interested in working with your company to help you be in charge of your on line marketing in a fun creative and interactive way. Turning you into your own marketing creative Genius.

Cam Williams

Another Awesome Client, Blog and Video Creation! Sri Raniji..

Marketing for Gurus has the unique opportunity to serve the community and the global vision of personal growth, spiritual care, creating magnificent exposure of each providers with blogs and videos.

This keeps me and my staff busy, happy and on track with our mission to spread the word of global health. Let us know if we can serve you with our Custom Blogs, or a Buisness Video to share your inspired business.


Cam Williams



Harmony in Relationships: A 3-Hour tele-workshop with Sri Raniji Harmony in Relationships A half-day (3-hour) tele-workshop with Sri Raniji! Heart to Heart Blessing Harmony in relationships can lead to success, abundance and joy in all areas of your life. If you feel you are stuck in any relationship, in order to move forward you need to forgive and seek forgiveness at the SOUL level. Working on the mind and body will not bring about real change. You may find yourself bouncing in and out of peace and joy, but lasting happiness requires deeper Soul healing.

In this three-hour teleconference, Sri Raniji offer meditations, Soul Operations and Heart-to-Heart Blessings to help you heal your relationships. *** Learn the Heart-to-Heart Blessing*** *** Sri Raniji offers a powerful opportunity you don’t want to miss*** For the first time ever, in this workshop Sri Raniji will teach you how to give Heart-to-Heart blessings! With her spiritual guidance and support, you will not only be able to heal yourself, but also to pass this blessing on to others. Location: On the phone – from anywhere in the world Contact: info@livinginAwareness.org408-399-0156 Cost: only $50 for 3 hours with Raniji. New Blog

Great Opportunity to Learn and Serve! Always..

Markeitng for Gurus always is blessed with the providers of wisdom and generous contributions they offer to our community. Using the media of Video and Blogs we can now very easily reach around the whole world.

This last weekend I had the privilege to work with our Deeksha Givers, the Center for Spiritual Living and Ted McGrath. Ted came to us from California and taught a great class on The Transformation Room. Ted is also a Deeksha Blessing Giver and his energy did shine through.

Fortunate me I was able to build the Video for his course as well as the Joy and Rapture dance on Friday night. Here it is…

Contact me for a Video about your business or a blog, ready to learn about you.