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Fundrasing for an Important Cause, Domestic Violence


Marketing for Gurus has the opportunity to serve many causes with tools such as blogging, event coordination and assisting with fundraising.  I have whole heartedly and enthusiastically joined a foundation of great importance;  The National Advocacy & Training Network,  founded by MonaLou Callery.

Below you will find the areas of support MonaLou has created to help women  in recovery of domestic violence.  I believe you will be impressed by the services provided and, at the same time, will want to lend a hand in making a difference for these women. 

Agency History:

National Advocacy & Training Network

Through grassroots efforts, the National Advocacy & Training Network (NATN) was
incorporated as a non-profit agency in January 2002 by a group of survivors, volunteers,
advocates, and professionals. Our mission is to address the health, safety, economic and
social justice issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse through
education, public awareness, and direct services. In order to achieve our mission, we operate
three main projects: Training and Technical Assistance; Support, Education, Empowerment &
DirectionS (SEEDs); and Cup O’ Karma: Community Cafe for a Cause.

Programs and Services Overview:

Training and Technical Assistance – NATN provides training and technical assistance
through its’ local and international network of survivors, advocates, and professionals. Last
year, NATN trained 930 individuals about the dynamics of domestic violence.

SEEDs (Support, Education, Empowerment & DirectionS) -“A place to sow, nurture and
grow your heart, mind, body and soul”. The Diane House and the Marilyn House offer
transitional safe homes to address the unmet needs of battered and sexually abused women in
recovery for up to two years, assisting women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and
live safe, healthy and meaningful lives. SEEDs cultivate the initiative and strength of women
recovering from abuse and addiction through empowerment based advocacy, housing,
healthcare, life skills, education, and job training.

 Cup O’ Karma: Community Cafe for a Cause – NATN provides on the-job-training (OJT)
opportunities for women participating in the SEEDs program through the Job Training Cafe.
Located at 1710 W. Southern Ave., this coffee shop was donated by a local business owner in
June, 2008.

Goals of Cup O’ Karma include:

– Provide quality products and services – offers coffees, teas, smoothies, snacks and
free Wi-Fi; showcase artwork from local artists; Live music and entertainment
Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturdays.
– Provide OJT opportunities for residents of the SEEDs program – two to four
women receive OJT, working 20-hours a week for three (3) months while learning
food service, customer service, marketing, purchasing, and other related skills.
NATN assists the women in locating permanent employment.
– Generate revenue for the agency – All proceeds are used to advance the mission of
NATN. Cup O’ Karma is operated by community volunteers and women
participating in the OJT program; no personnel expenses are accumulated.

Project Evaluation:

Evaluation is based on the short, mid and long-term objectives developed for each program.
Services are closely monitored and adjusted as needed based on the results of the objectives.
Feedback is derived from program participants who play a key role in ensuring that NATN is
an efficient and effective community based, grassroots program.

Constituency Served:

Training and Technical Assistance – Offered to any agency, group or citizen interested in
learning more about domestic violence, sexual assault and/or substance abuse.

SEEDs – Homeless, battered and/or sexually assaulted women in recovery.

Cup O’ Karma – Customers are local community members. Baristas are community
volunteers and SEEDs residents participating in the agency’s job-training program.
Community and Volunteer Involvement:

NATN collaborates with government and existing community based services, utilizing all the
necessary resources to assist the women in accomplishing their goals, staying safe and
maintaining their sobriety. Ninety percent (75%) of the women who reside in the SEEDs
program for 6-months or longer become volunteers for NATN or in their community. Our
programs have an active volunteer base of more than 50 individuals who mentor, deliver life
skills, training, provide outreach, and fundraise.

Key Corporate, Foundation, and Community Supporters:

Arizona Foundation for Women
ASU – SDO College of Law
Bruce & Diane Halle Family Foundation
Deb Carstens
Costco- Chandler
Discount Tires
Frankel Family Foundation
Gary & Jeanne Herberger Foundation
Luis Prado
Marilyn Seymann
NextCare – Urgent Care
Nina Mason Pulliam Trust Fund
Park & Co
Robson Communities
Az Sexual Assault Network
Arizona South Asians for Safe Families
Fix The Hurt – John and Linda King
Infincom Print Solutions
Manos Amigos, Green Valley
Naturopaths International (NI)
O’Connor House
SoundlightingF/X inc.
Songwriters for a Cause
Stealthmode Partners
Sundt Foundation
Veteran’s First
Wells Fargo
Zonta Club of the East Valley

Board of Directors –

NATN has built a dynamic Board of Directors who ALL financially contribute to the agency and
offer their experience and expertise on philanthropy and non-profit sustainability, which is lead
by Marilyn Seymann, Founder of the Arizona Foundation for Women.

Financial Investment:

NATN invests every penny of every dollar directly on resident services, education, prevention,
public awareness, and developing resources.

Breakdown of how contributions are invested:

63% – Resident/Direct Services (housing, food, counseling, education groups)

15% – Prevention (training, outreach, and public awareness)

12% – Administration (management, fundraising, special events, consultants)

10% – Community Development (cross training, partnerships, resource development)

To house one (1) woman with comprehensive support services at one of the homes, it
costs $29.70 per day.

To provide housing and on-the-job training to one (1) woman per day, it costs $52.74

For giving opportunities, Donations and Tax Credits please visit our website: www.natn-az.com