Sacred Journey, being in your light….


I logged on this morning at my usual time around 5 am…. Yes a cup of Joe in hand! Sweet sacred words from Wendy Mendenhall the founder of the TAO Metaverstiy was my morning wake up call.

Money is always a good, yes indeed. Priceless are words that land amazingly accurate and resonated with my soul. I am holding the writing below in my heart and welcoming a beautiful a mirror of self and sharing it with you. Gracious am I to be of service.

Thank you and bless you Wendy,

Cam Williams

To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Cam Williams. Cam worked with the TAO Metaversity for over two years and throughout most of that time her title included, “The Voice of the TAO Metaversity.” 

In that capacity, she helped in creating The Metaversity’s Blog page, informational movies, facebook and to disseminate information in regards to events, classes, building projects, conversation and other information. Cam has an incredible ability to maintain a conversation, through social networking, to keep people informed, interested, excited and involved. She has an ability to sense what people are feeling and thinking in regards to how they can be involved and what is the next step before people speak it. She is very skilled in enrolling people to participate in community.

She is creative and implements that throughout her artistry.  She was involved 100% and was constant and devoted to what she was creating.

Cam has the ability to connect people throughout many professions, cultures, and ages bring them together to serve a purpose and project. She is sensitive to each of their needs and leaves them feeling as though they were the only person involved because of her special care and thoughtfulness.

Cam is a wonderful asset and I would recommend her and have appreciated her tremendously. I have learned a great deal from Cam.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.

Wendy Mendenhall,

Founder of the TAO Metaversity

TAO Metaversity


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