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KOPO has joined in my New Book with his Sound Healing! Welcome…

“The Global Guide to Healthy Living” is ramping up with new topics and educational material. I could not be happier. I enjoy all forms of getting the word out about super stars that are shining their light on to our world and Kopo excels! Kopo has played for us at the last two events at One Mind Studio in SLC, UT.  He  has an amazing impact on all those that have had the opportunity to experience  him play reaches you right down to your soul. It would not be a Marketing for Gurus Event with out Kopo!

Here is a some education about Kopo’s work and intention.

Be the Change Meditation

“Honestly I am from a world of pure healing music that never stops. Vibrations of crystals singing to the heavens. I don’t think I have had a moment of silence in my life. Music is all over the universe vibrating our songs from every corner of the galaxy and back. Every living entity has their own song. Its math, science and history that bind these melodies to flow with the elements on this planet. Even the earth herself sings her song loud and clear if we listen close. The angels with their trumpets play together in harmony :).
GOD bless all of you.
Thanks for sharing your song with me :).”

Klint has enjoyed playing music all of his life. Growing up, he played just about anything he could get his hands on. The instruments ranged from piano, kalimba, drums, harp, accordion, to udu clay pots.

All of his music comes through inspiration. “It’s like someone else is using me as a tool. I feel like there is some other force that flows through me.” Inspiration can come at any time. At times, he will be doing nothing more than driving his car and suddenly musical inspiration fills his mind. “I hear music all around me. I hear music in my sleep and I know there is music all over the universe.”


You can contact Kopo for your events, appointments as well as connect to him on Face book.



Phone   1-801-931-1981

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Meet him at Water Wellness Center, January 24, 2013


I am interested your healing practice, healthy products, modalities, advice and whole healthy wisdom to contribute to the Global Guide to Healthy Living . Feel free to contact me via a comment on the blog or directly via email. Camwilliams1@gmail.com

Permanet placement in the educational guide will be located on http://www.children.rrem.co