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Peter Somers is waiting for you right downtown Salt Lake City.  He is also wanting to get to know you and chat with you on Face Book.  The reason he is waiting with open arms and doors is he has opened up a new shop in Salt Lake that is all about Raw Honey. Peter’s promise is to not only allow you to taste each blend and organically flavored honey he commits to make you a cup of tea. He is full of information and has some awesome samples of lotions and skin care products, now that is fun. Your time is worth the visit, honey is known to be a superfood and Peter can tell you the reason that is so!

159 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Utah

159 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Utah


Written by, Peter Somers, The Honey Guy!

The healing power of honey is not a recent discovery. Ancient texts reveal that its medicinal benefits have been known for thousands of years. But modern use of honey appears to be focused almost entirely on its value as a sweetener. And there’s no nying that honey makes for a better cup of tea. But the “elixir of the gods” has practically been reduced to table sugar.

Honey’s use as a sweetener and energy source is obvious. It’s composed primarily of sugar, but also provides nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. Its unique composition lends itself to some interesting medicinal properties. But only raw honey can provide the full range of its natural health benefits. Unfortunately, most honey sold today has been highly processed in the interest of product appeal and mass distribution. Processing exposes honey to high levels of heat. It dulls its flavor and damages its enzymes, having a detrimental effect on its natural power to heal.

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One such enzyme, called glucose oxidase, is responsible for honey’s resistance to bacteria. When diluted by water, a naturally occurring antiseptic is released in the form of hydrogen peroxide. Applying raw honey to cuts and abrasions will disinfect the wound and kill bacteria. Contributing to the antimicrobial properties found in raw honey is a lack of available water needed for their survival, and high levels of acidity. Natural resistance to bacteria makes honey an effective cure for a wide variety of ailments.

Hygroscopy is another property of honey that has proven effective in healing minor wounds. It refers to the ability of honey to absorb moisture directly from the air around it. Using raw honey as a dressing will draw moisture from the wound, keeping the affected area dry and facilitate a rapid recovery. Spreading honey on your skin draws moisture from the air, making honey the ultimate, all-natural moisturizer. As an alternative, use skin care products that already have honey in them.

Nectar is responsible for honey’s ample supply of antioxidants, further increasing its healing power. Our bodies require antioxidants in the constant fight against disease, and we get them from choosing the right foods. Table sugar and agave nectar are not the right foods. Substituting refined sugars with raw honey is a sweet way to increase your daily antioxidant intake, thereby improving overall health. Again, this benefit is available only from honey that’s raw. Processed honey means damaged honey, and this includes damage to its antioxidant activity.

Today’s advanced medicine makes it easy to forget the natural power of honey. There’s always a new drug for whatever your ailment. There’s always another side effect. But it hasn’t always been this way. Before pharmaceuticals, there was honey. And there still is honey. Choose raw.

Peter’s Details:

185 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Ut.

He is open now and has a Grand Opening Scheduled for Feb. 9 2013


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