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Rejuvelac Recipe Per Request!

What is a book about Global Healthy Living with-out

healthy recipes such as Rejuvelac?

The chemist Harvey Lisle did extensive research on this restorative rejuvelac drink, which concluded a number of health benefits.

  • provides friendly bacteria
  • moves and cleans the bowels
  • removes toxins
  • restores health by moving excess waste

It is found by Lisle to be rich in proteins, carbohydrates, destrines, phosphates, lactobacillus, aspergillis oryzae (breaks down glucose), B complex vitamins, Vit C, and Vit E.


How to make Rejuvelac:

Start with two cups soft wheat berries organic. You can also use rye, quinoa, buckwheat, or other grains. Wheat, rye and quinoa seem to make the best rejuvelac. Organic is the best and can be found at your local health food market. Look for wheat berries in the bulk dry bins the price is more affordable than packaged on the shelf.

Soak the grain for 24 hours. Drain off water place the seeds into a sprouting tray.  Rinse (use purified water) these trays of seeds, two to three times a day until small (very small) sprout tails appear. You have to watch, love and talk to these guys since sometimes they grow very quickly and you will end up tossing them out to chicken coop. If your sprouts become to grassy (happened for me) the taste is compromised and it taste a bit on the earthy side. Rejuvelac should taste light, refreshing and a slight taste of lemon.

Place sprouted grain in a large jar, these can be found at your local whole foods store, with a mesh top.

Add 8 cups water clean purified water and let sit in a quiet and dimly lite space, . 2-3 days. I recommend 3 days.

You will notice that the water will get cloudy (white) this is a perfect response.

Strain the rejuvelac off of the wheat berries and store in covered glass container that seals tightly in the refrigerator. It will keep for at least a week. Make sure each day it still smells and taste fresh. You can reuse the wheat berries to make a second batch by adding 8 more cups of clean water. This will take only one day.

As you can see above in the beginning you have some time-consuming “stay on top of your game” steps while building your on going rejuvelac supply. I believe you will get the hang of this process. You will get an idea of how fast it is being consumed in your home. You will experience your pace and timing of rinsing your seeds. You my need family members to take a turn. However you will understand the timing in quick order. The health benefits for your entire family will be felt and enjoyed!

How to Sprout Seeds


Seeds are dormant packets of enormous potential.  All they need is water.  First soak your seeds for 24 hours or until they have absorbed all the water they can.  Spring water is perfectly fine for this and rinsing of the sprouts.  Once the seeds have been soaked they are now alive.  Now they are sprouts.  To improve their taste you grow them in any number of different containers.  The important part is to drain them well and keep them in good air circulation.  Most people will advise that the sprouts need to rinsed up to 2-3 times a day.  Harvest time will depend upon the type of seed you started with, usually between a couple of days up to 6 days.  You can find much more information on the internet about this subject.  One website that I suggest is http://sproutpeople.org/

What To Do With the “Whey”

Never throw this liquid a –whey!  It is rich in nutrients and will make a delicious salad dressing. Follow this guideline for a savory salad sauce.

½ Cup        seed and nut “whey”

1 Tbsp       Apple Cider Vinegar

½ tsp         Curry Powder

1 tsp          Dill Weed

1                 Garlic clove—Pressed

1 tsp          Liquid Aminos or Miso

Stir together or blend.  Add more cider vinegar to taste. Recipe by Pati Reese the Holistic Gourmet

PRECAUTION: Rejuvelac, as with any fermented food, poses an inherent risk of harmful bacterial, yeast and mold contamination.  If you have a weakened or compromised immune system, I do not recommend that you make your own fermented foods, including rejuvelac.  Be especially cautions of any strong, offensive odors or tastes, discoloration of the water or growths in the liquid.  If you are concerned about the safety of drinking a batch that you have made, it is best to dump it and start again or seek the advice of someone with more experience. Contact Pati Reese on Face book.

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Cam Williams