5 Steps to Creating the World’s Greatest Workplace – Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley


Mindvalley is one of the world’s fastest growing new media publishing companies, and we’re in the business of spreading enlightened ideas.

We take publishing to the next level.

We connect personal growth authors with the Internet generation through new media platforms like video, mobile apps and social networks. Website

I believe you will be inspired as I was, as Vishen Lakhiani, Founder, explains how it is to work at Mind Valley.. Extraordinary Leadership by example for all of us. For those that are wanting to create an enlightened happy work place.

Watch the Video (Stellar)

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biopictureMy morning started bright and early as always, I was seeking some new paradigms to learn about.  I choose to study Sacred Geometry.  The most important AHA for me, was that everything begins with one point that expands out (a thought). I was able to see the mathematics of the universe for the first time. I knew the importance of a positive thought, however this gave me a visual I fully understood how important my words and thoughts impact my creation of reality I and how they expands out!

I will be writing about Sacred Geometry in the up and coming weeks. I find it fascinating!

Sparks of thoughts, which from my morning “Sacred Geometry teachings”, I saw this as point A. I have been participating in Quantum Jumping each day. I generally have a question from my starting point A.  The concept of Quantum Jumping is that we connect to our twin self and there are thousands of twin selves in parallel universes. By getting into an alpha state and meditating, these ignited thoughts, have expanded into a parallel universes creating more me’s, time has no relevance.

By Quantum Jumping we tap into and utilize the vibration and teachings from our twin selves . I experience my meditations much like being on a journey to visit one of my best friends.

I decided to put up a video this morning, about the concept and actions of  Mind Valley team. They represent and support the works of Burt Goldman”s Quantum Jumping. Listen and learn from Vishen Lakhiani as he shares his new paradigm in business, on the Video below.

Trust me, you are going to want to pack your bags! Enjoy

 Several Thumbs ups for the vision of Mind Valley and bringing on board Burt Goldman.

I am delighted to be working along with them to  business of spreading enlightened ideas. You too can join!

Read More about, Quantum Jumping & meet Burt Goldman.  I believe you will enjoy the journey as much as I have.

See if Quantum Jumping is for you? I believe it is a WOW!

Blessings, Cam

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