About Marketing for Gurus

Current Project, “Global Guide to Healthy Living”

Join us!  Our goal is to educate people and provide an opportunity to learn a healthy lifestyle step by step, with your help.

Learn more about being a part of the team, earning income for referring and writing.   Project details

Services provided for those that want a stellar web presence. We have on staff extremely talented Social Media Marketing specialists. Read more if you are in need of enhancing your business.

Marketing for Gurus Services

Each option can be done separately or combined to create a stellar web presence.
With Your Goals in mind, we approach your Internet Marketing easily with you in control of each component.

You are entitled to read each section and research which option is the best fit for you.

Our goal is to assist you on reaching the top of Search Engines and Branding your company. This is with Radio (RSS), Video and Blogging. Get your company noticed on the Internet and keep it there with your evolving Products or Services.

We also provide you with a step by step instruction booklet with information on where and how to place your video; How to use and update your blog – daily.

If your choice is Radio, we highly recommend you have both the blog and video in place to send to your new listeners to your website.

About Cam

biopictureMarketing for Gurus is an online marketing firm that coordinates and sponsors events in addition to building videos shorts, blogs and stream line marketing for her customers to attract new clients. She also teaches classes locally, many small business’s depend on her for the next step in their growth and she has found a way to multitask and provide solutions for them as a group. Cam Williams is also author of the books, The Utah Guide to Healthy Living and the National Guide to Alternative Health care.

Videos, Blogs and Radio

Face Book



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