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Human Design, Beyond Personality Profiles, Vickie Parker

Human Design written by, Vickie Parker

Beyond Astrology… Beyond Personality Profiles…

The Human Design is a logical system based on a synthesis that brings together different aspects of who we are.  It looks at your genetic makeup, natural talents and strengths to help you understand where we get conditioned into being someone we are not. This process allows you to step into who you really are.

By understanding your Design you can see your strategy in making decisions based on your profile, type and authority.


Type- Generator Chart Reading            Find out Who You Are!!!!!!!

We each have our own unique Human Design — a blueprint of our individual nature. Yet, few of us live in accordance with our Design, because we don’t know what it is. Instead, we try to mold ourselves based on the expectations of other people.  Our father, mother and others who influence our lives.

Once you know your Design, you begin to live in alignment with your own nature. You can finally just be yourself. Making the right choices at every turn, interacting more synergistically with others, and utilizing your talents and abilities to the fullest.

Three Keys to your Design:

Your Type:  Type is the foundation of the Human Design system. There are five Types, and knowing which is yours provides the basis for living in alignment with your nature.

Your Authority:  According to our Authority each one of us make decisions in different ways. There are six different authorities.  Each one of them has a specific role.  This allows us to move out of pressure and anxiety and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Your Profile:  The twelve Profiles describe the ways we interact with others. When you know your particular Profile, you discover the secrets of relating effectively with the world around you.

Human Design delves into your constant nature — your “personal  DNA” — in a way that astrology is not equipped to do. At the same time Human Design reveals dimensions of your underlying nature that no personality profile system can provide.

Find out who you are.  Get an in depth Human Design Chart.  Your Human Design is based on the date, time and place of your birth.  From this information your ‘Design Information is generated.

“Understand your Human Design.  Live who you came to be.”

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About Vickie

Founder- Windswept Ctr, Windswept Inner Healings, and School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts.  I teach classes that allow people to explore, discover and develop their own intuitive abilities so YOU find the truth and answers YOU seek this lifetime. I am a clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentience (knowing) psychic and have been since I arrived on the planet. After many years of living with mainly my 5 senses I decided to change my life. I found a place to take classes to reawaken my intuitive abilities and change my life.  I now a teach others who are seeking who they are tools to awaken theirselves so they live the life they desire this lifetime.

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Aura Chakra Balancing, Guest writer, Vickie Parker, Windswept Center

I am delighted to welcome Vickie Parker, founder of the Windswept Center. “A healing, teaching place”. She is one of my guest writers for the “Global Guide to Healthy Living”.

I invite you to read on, learn from Vickie, get to know her! You will find her to be a brilliant, gifted healer, well-known psychic, medical intuitive and teacher. Take a moment to look around her site.

Q & A Aura Chakra Balancing

Windswept Center

Kathy Grey from Sausalito, Ca.

I heard about you from a friend who lives in Park City, Utah. She told me about your Windswept Inner Healings website, and the Aura Chakra balancing she received from you. She was totally impressed by what you told her about the ‘life experiences and the emotions’ you saw and released out of her energy system. Plus she shared how she felt a 100% better she felt after the healing.

Would you describe to me what a healing entails?

215575_4020701168279_2088788070_nVickie Parker

An Aura Chakra Balancing works on removing the energy that is not yours, or not in current time, out of the 7 chakras and the aura around you, During the energy healing I work all the way around the client as they sit comfortably in a straight back chair.  As I move slowly around you I release and heal old childhood ‘hurt’ experiences, old relationship ‘pictures’, traumas and ‘other’ stuck energy out of the chakras and aura.  As I do the healing I share with you everything I’m seeing, feeling or aware of in your  chakras and aura.

This energy body is the first level where we receive information from people because everything starts as energy. Emotions, words, and thoughts received from other people are all energy and we hear and feel them first energetically. If our response to the energy is pain, hurt, denial or anger or other emotionally charged responses than this energy embeds itself in our energy body. We house all of this information in the form of energy ‘pain’ pictures that are from childhood, relationships and other types of interactions with others. When this enters the energy body and the response to it is hurt, anger, and other emotions this ‘pain’ energy can enter into the body and cause physical problems.

The healing is a ‘no touch’ experience.  Which means I see the energy that needs to be removed.  Then I ‘pull’ or ‘throw’ the energy outside of the aura and chakras without making physical contact. The healing begins with the leg channels, there is one in each leg, from the feet to the top of the upper leg.  Then the arm channels from the shoulder to the fingertips. Then I heal the aura, the energy field that completely surrounds the body and the head. 

Healing results are immediate. My clients say they haven’t felt this good in years and share their amazement that childhood traumas and other experiences could affect them on an energy level in a physical way.


My friend said the same thing. The way she feels now is amazing. I can’t wait to get this healing.

Enjoy Vickie’s Aura Chakra Balancing Video

Written by, Vickie Parker

We offer remote healings for those not in the Salt Lake City, Utah area. For an appointment for a healing call 801 560-3761. Or go to For our services. Professional healings. To make an appointment click on Paypal button and choose and pay for the Aura Chakra Balancing. We will call you within one day to set up a remote healing.


I’m excited. I’m going to out on your website right now and pay for a healing.

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Thank you Vickie,


Cam Williams

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