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Join us, Global Guide to Healthy Living, excellent source of income for you.

I am currently compiling a on line directory guide for holistic health providers and products. Seeking providers of all modalities that enhance well being for their community. The “Global Guide to Healthy living” is looking for writers that are in a healing field, large or small. The topic of your writing will be about you and/or your whole health business, a cause you are currently supporting or a personal opinion.  Topics of healthy recipes, events, spiritual practice, sound therapy, body work, personal experience of healing are welcomed. If you have something to say we want to hear about it!
Making money with “Marketing Gurus” is an option by referring your friends and health related associates who are interested in their business thriving (must be of a healthy nature). You are paid on each referral. They invited also be paid when they referring to their community.
Our goal is to grow quickly. We believe in the grass roots approach creating powerful quick contact from one to another who of are of like mind and lifestyle of health.
Your writing brings you business, by being placed in the guide, your contact information is fully included in your work. We provide sources for you to earn money quickly with your contacts and co workers being in the educational directory.
Join us, it is valuable work and an excellent source of income.
Our goal is to continue to build a interactive site that will give the readers an education and direction for their healing choices. We need your help and we want you to have financial support in your life and in your business. 2013 is the now the time when we do what it is we are called to do.
Impact lives with your practice and educating globally, contact us today,
Take a moment and subscribe to the Guide for up to date tracking of our educational directory.
Call today or text 801-577-3646

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Human Design, Beyond Personality Profiles, Vickie Parker

Human Design written by, Vickie Parker

Beyond Astrology… Beyond Personality Profiles…

The Human Design is a logical system based on a synthesis that brings together different aspects of who we are.  It looks at your genetic makeup, natural talents and strengths to help you understand where we get conditioned into being someone we are not. This process allows you to step into who you really are.

By understanding your Design you can see your strategy in making decisions based on your profile, type and authority.


Type- Generator Chart Reading            Find out Who You Are!!!!!!!

We each have our own unique Human Design — a blueprint of our individual nature. Yet, few of us live in accordance with our Design, because we don’t know what it is. Instead, we try to mold ourselves based on the expectations of other people.  Our father, mother and others who influence our lives.

Once you know your Design, you begin to live in alignment with your own nature. You can finally just be yourself. Making the right choices at every turn, interacting more synergistically with others, and utilizing your talents and abilities to the fullest.

Three Keys to your Design:

Your Type:  Type is the foundation of the Human Design system. There are five Types, and knowing which is yours provides the basis for living in alignment with your nature.

Your Authority:  According to our Authority each one of us make decisions in different ways. There are six different authorities.  Each one of them has a specific role.  This allows us to move out of pressure and anxiety and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Your Profile:  The twelve Profiles describe the ways we interact with others. When you know your particular Profile, you discover the secrets of relating effectively with the world around you.

Human Design delves into your constant nature — your “personal  DNA” — in a way that astrology is not equipped to do. At the same time Human Design reveals dimensions of your underlying nature that no personality profile system can provide.

Find out who you are.  Get an in depth Human Design Chart.  Your Human Design is based on the date, time and place of your birth.  From this information your ‘Design Information is generated.

“Understand your Human Design.  Live who you came to be.”

12-14-12%20smlladVickie Parker

Windswept Center

Windswept School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts



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Face Book

Contact Us:   801 560-3761


The Windswept Center offers Distant Classes, Readings, and Healings for those outside of the area.

Read Vickie’s chapter on Aura Chakra Balancing, located on the Global Guide to Healthy Living.

About Vickie

Founder- Windswept Ctr, Windswept Inner Healings, and School of Intuitive Spiritual Arts.  I teach classes that allow people to explore, discover and develop their own intuitive abilities so YOU find the truth and answers YOU seek this lifetime. I am a clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentience (knowing) psychic and have been since I arrived on the planet. After many years of living with mainly my 5 senses I decided to change my life. I found a place to take classes to reawaken my intuitive abilities and change my life.  I now a teach others who are seeking who they are tools to awaken theirselves so they live the life they desire this lifetime.

Find Vickie and connect with her on FACE BOOK she provides a daily reading you are sure to enjoy!

Just 5 Short days until Oneness Awakening Course, St. George, Ut.


Join us in St. George, Ut.

Our “Oneness Awakening” course begins in only 5 short days.  Hopefully you have all reserved rooms or lodging & arranged carpooling if needed.  If any of you still need to secure lodging or a ride please contact us as soon as possible.  Janet 801 205-7000 or Linda 801 557-0367. e-mail

Anyone staying at the home with the Salt Water Pool will need to send $100.00 per person to our paypal account no later than Monday afternoon (today) as we need to prepay for this accommodation.  Paypal to  If you do not have a paypal account please contact us for other arrangements.

You can also send payment for your course to if you have a paypal account.  We would prefer this method of payment.  Otherwise you can pay with a check made out to Janet Eakin or bring cash to your first night of the course. 

Attached you will find the Moola Mantra.  Please take some time this week to study the words & their meaning. 

We will sing this together during the weekend.  It is a very powerful mantra as you will see when you study the attachment.  We will also send you home with a CD that has a couple different versions of the Moola_Mantra

Have an amazing week

See you soon
Janet & Linda

More Details for St. George

Salt Water Pool in St. George, sign up and stay with us!

Janet and Linda found a great place for many of us to stay and rent over our Oneness Awakening Course in St. George Ut. Same price essentially as the hotel. Next weekend, September 3, 4, 5 of 2010.  It has a salt water pool for swimming and huge kitchen with everything ready to go. I am jazzed. Call Janet and Linda to join in on the Oneness Awakening weekend 801-205-7000 and bring your suit!

We still have a few spaces to fill. Those of you that are in the workshop need to contact Janet and Linda if you would prefer to stay at the house rather than the hotel. Our local guest from St. George will be invited on Saturday evening for a Silent Swim in the intoxicating Salt Water Pool. We will have light healthy snacks to share.

We are now a weekend away and it is essential you provide your commitment.

Oneness Awakening Course, St. George Utah, Details

September 3-5, 2010

Janet Eakin and Linda Beal

801-205-7000 for details

Blessings, Cam

Oneness University

Providing details for Oneness Awakening Course, St. George UT.


We are so excited to spend the weekend with you at our “Oneness Awakening” course on Sept. 3-5th in St. George, Utah at the Unity Church.

Below are the links for Unity Church as well as the Best Western Coral Hills hotel where we have negotiated great rates for anyone coming to our course.  They are holding our rooms & rates until Aug.27th, 2010.  Please call & get your rooms reserved before then.  If you need to hook up with others to share a room please let us know & we will get you in touch.  The rooms have 2 Queens, fridge, microwave, irons, hair dryers, as well as a spa & 2 pools.  It also includes a deluxe continental breakfast.   The rates we have been quoted are the same for 1,2, 3, or 4 people per room.  It is $65.00 per night plus tax.

We have a fridge, micro wave & coffee pot available to us at the Unity Church as well so we can pack a lunch & eat right there for our lunches.  There are several choices for dinner all with in walking distance of the Hotel & the Church.

We have attached 2 forms that we need to have signed by you.  It is fine to just bring them with you to the first night of the course.  However we do need to confirm who will be attending as we have limited space & we will not overfill our course.  We honor & respect your space needed to process & spread out during the course.  We also bring along nandouts,  CD’s & initiation materials for all who attend.

Please take a moment to make you hotel reservations, give us a call or shoot us back an email as to your intentions & if you need a room mate or 3.


Much Love to all
Janet & Linda


Join Janet Eakin and Linda Beal, Oneness Awakening Course, St. George, UT.

Greetings to all,

Hope your day is everything you want it to be.

We are following up with those of you who have shown a interest in attending our “Oneness Awakening” course which will be held in St. George, Utah on Sept 3-5, 2010.

This is only 2 short weeks away so we are trying to get a firm commitment.  We have limited space & do not overfill our courses.  If you know you will be attending please confirm by responding to this email so we can get your names on our reserved list.

Thank you so much for your interest.
We look forward to meeting & spending the weekend with all who are meant to be there. 

Infinite Love & Gratitude
Janet & Linda


Unity Church

Oneness University

Unity Church, St. George, Oneness Awakening Course

We are now taking commitments  for our upcoming Oneness Awakening course at the Unity Church in St. George, Utah.  We are currently half full, we can hold 26 new Blessing trainers at Unity. It is so important to make your reservations and fill out your paper work for India, along with choosing your foods well. Janet will e-mail your packet contact her at 801-205-7000 or email her  We can also lend a hand with room shares.

Our accommodations The Coral Hills Best Western…Located just 35 minutes from Zion National Park. Come and visit one of Utah’s most famous National parks Zion and make your stay at … Mention you are enrolled in the Deeksha weekend for a great rate you are invited to include Sunday Night! Heaven sent to us more than reasonable accomodations.
Any Deeksha Giver who has attended a Oneness Weekend who would liked to take the course again or assist for the weekend by giving intention Deeksha & Hands on Deeksha are welcome to join us for N/C if you bring a friend with you. 
Otherwise the cost is only $95.00 to retake the course. 
Please help us spread the word.  It is time for Southern Utah to explode with Deeksha Givers, branching out to new areas with the divine’s wisdom.  We need your help to do this.
“Oneness Awakening” course
Sept. 3 – 5th, 2010
Below is some general information regarding this course.
Dates & Time: – Hours may vary
Friday  6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Saturday  9 AM – 6 PM

Sunday Noon – 8:00 PM
Unity Church

198 North 100 East
St. George, Utah
The Oneness Awakening Course is a very special and powerful 3 day course held by Oneness Trainers around the planet to help a participant learn about the nature of the mind and how it creates conflict internally and externally in our lives.  It then prepares you through various teachings and meditations to then move into a state of awakening where a person moves outside of the conflicted mind into a state of deep awareness and internal peace.  Everyone attending this entire course will then become a Deeksha Blessing Giver if they so desire.
Once you commit to take this course, your process will begin.  You may notice over the next few weeks some things coming up for you that are out of the ordinary.  Some of you may or may not experience anger, frustration, anxiety, joy, happiness, bliss, irritability and some may even experience some physical discomfort.  Just notice this is what is coming up for you & be with it.  Don’t judge it or try to stop it.  It is all normal & to be expected.  If any of you need to discuss anything that you may be going through please feel free to call either one of us. 

Janet (801) 205-7000 or Linda (801) 557-0367.
It is suggested & recommended but not required that for some time prior to the course and in preparation for this course that you refrain from eating meat (fish is OK), do not drink any alcohol or take any recreational drugs.  Also if you could eliminate or cut down on your caffeine intake.  This all helps to prepare the energy body & will help in the clearing process we will be taking you through.  If you decide  not eat meat & normally do, make sure you get plenty of protein & eat healthy.
Items to bring to course:
Mat or blanket – comfort & temperature control.
Cushion or pillow – a lot of time spent on floor.
Healthy snacks for morning & afternoon breaks – fruit, nuts, protein bars

Large refillable bottle of water
Notebook & Pen

We have attached 2 forms which are required by the Oneness University in India. 
Please read, sign & get back to us as soon as possible. 
3 choices:
1) Mail to: Janet Eakin 11304 Four sox Cove, Sandy, Utah 84092
2) email back to
3) Contact us for other arrangements.
We look forward to spending a very enlightening & amazing weekend with you.

Janet & Linda

Deeksha details

Oneness University

Supported by,

Cam Williams

801-577-3646 or

Oneness information


PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL IF YOU PLAN ON ATTENDING SO WE CAN RESERVE YOUR PLACE IN THE COURSE. We can hold 26 in the course, Current Deeksha blessing Givers are not included in this count.  Call or e-mail today. 801-205-7000