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Medicinal Beverage GREEN TEA!

Tea has been used in China as a medicinal beverage to promote health in mind and body for about 5000 years. The earliest known reference to tea as a health aid dates back to 2737 B.C.  Green tea has been the beverage of choice among the Chinese elite intellects and bureaucrats who usually have the means to maintain an affluent dining habit. Historically, freshly plucked tea leaves were used directly for tea brewing or lightly heat-processed for preservation of the “health ingredients” if not consumed immediately.  The word “tea” always means green tea in the “Middle Kingdom”.

Recipes for Healthy living, Global Guide to Healthy Living

Tea was an expensive beverage in ancient China. Its use was confined to the wealthy segments of the population. Only in Ming dynasty after the fall of the Mongolian empire in 1368 A.D., tea drinking spread from the elite to the populace.

When China was the sea power of the world (1405-1433), tea was among the indispensable supplies for the seamen. The amount of vitamin C in the tea drink consumed by the seafarers at that time was enough to prevent scurvy which would kill many European sailors more than 100 years later, but was essentially unknown to the medical officers assigned to the fleet of more than 27,000 men on their round voyage from China to Africa.

In a famous painting titled “Drinking Tea” (a poor English translation of the original elegant title in Chinese, meaning “Tea Tending Event”), which is now on display in the Palace Museum, Beijing, the most admired and envied painter of Ming dynasty, Tang Yin (1470-1523), recorded the traditional method for tea preparation at the time when China was the most prosperous nation on earth. As described in the poem written on the painting, an affluent intellect actually plucked fresh leaves from the tea trees growing on the southern hillside below his house to brew tea. This document recorded the fact that fresh or non-oxidized tea leaves, i.e., green tea, were used in the prosperous Chinese society at least until the latter part of Ming dynasty.

Oolong and black teas emerged as prosperity in China declined Oolong and black teas are processed from oxidized tea leaves with some added aroma not present in fresh tea leaves. In ancient China, these teas were produced sporadically, by frying at high temperature the partially degraded oxidized tea leaves which could not meet the stringent timing requirement for green tea production.

Black tea has dark brown color, just like that brown color forming on the cut surface of the head of a fresh lettuce after exposure to atmospheric oxygen. In black tea, most of the antioxidants are polymerized and inactivated, but the caffeine in the tea leaves is preserved. Therefore, the caffeine contents in black tea are higher than in green tea by weight. Black tea was primarily consumed by the minorities living in the northern and the western peripheral territories of the empire where preservation of the quality of green tea was difficult due to the long transportation time required to reach the market and where dairy products constituted a significant part of the regular diet of the populace. Oolong and black teas were first produced in significant quantities and oolong tea became the preferred beverage in southern China around 1650 A.D. when the hungry laborers there recognized that green tea depleted the body fat reserves badly needed for survival

in the years of social turmoil. Subsequently black tea is also produced for export to please the taste buds of the Europeans who like to add sugar and dairy products into their tea drinks. To date, most Chinese living in southern China and in Hong Kong and most Chinese Americans of southern China origin still shun green tea.

As part of our commitment to public education, Fleminger, Inc. has compiled a library of recent scientific publications on absorption of fats in experimental animals and increase in fat oxidation in humans. If you are interested in reading more about the currently available scientific literature on these conditions, please visit

The Introductory period of tea drinking in the West The first shipment of tea to Europe in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company was green tea. Even to this date, the words “Orange Pekoe” printed on the tea bags served in many American and European hotels bears evidence to this fact although these same words are now being used for marketing a high-grade black tea produced in Sri Lanka and in India. In truth, the word “Orange” is the name of the Dutch royal family which had the monopoly in tea trading with China in the early 17th century. The word “Pekoe” is a phonetic spelling of the words “white fine hair” in the Amoy dialect that was used and is still used to describe a physical appearance of a high-grade green tea containing many young leaf buds. “Orange Pekoe” literally has nothing to do with black tea. Black tea does not have “white fine hair” appearance at all.

Mass production of black tea in Sri Lanka began in 1869. The global black tea traders simply transposed an established designation for a high-grade green tea to their new products being sold to the unquestioning public. Black tea became popular in Europe since the 19th century and now constitutes about 80% of the tea products sold in the Western world.

Tea drinking was introduced into the USA from Europe as part of the global tea trade and via the Chinese restaurants operated by the Chinese American immigrants from southern China before 1945. As a result, most Americans are more familiar with black tea in tea bags for convenience or oolong (half-black) tea commonly served in the Chinese restaurants.

The love for green tea is an acquired taste. Based on the 5000 years of tea civilization and the most recent molecular biology research, a health-conscious person should cultivate the taste for green tea in pursuing a healthy diet and life style provided the food calorie intake is more than adequate.

Take a moment and learn how to make a Home made Facial with Green Tea.

A legend tells how a Chinese emperor of a minority origin was converted from a black tea drinker to a green tea drinker to become one of the longest reigning rulers in the history of China. The Story of the Emperor and Green Tea Emperor Chien-lung of the Ching Dynasty who reigned from 1736 to 1796 A.D. disguised himself as a commoner, traveling with two cabinet ministers incognito to the countryside. Since the Manchu Imperial family originally came from a northern minority,

Chien-lung was used to drinking black tea only. When his entourage was passing a tea plantation in south-central China, the servants offered him a cup of choice green tea. After a few sips, the emperor commented: “Too bland. Tasteless,” and continued his journey on horseback. Riding about half of a mile later, the emperor turned to his ministers and said, “Good tea.” The perceptive king suddenly realized that the characteristic soothing savory sweet tea-taste of a choice green tea only comes a few minutes after the sip. Since then, green tea was introduced to the Manchu ruling family as the beverage of choice and a special misty hillside in Zhejiang Province was designated as the Imperial Tea Plantation.

A global green tea movement in the 21st century.  Unless you are living in a society where there is a shortage of food or are under the threat of starvation, you should seriously consider drinking green tea as your primary beverage. The affluent educated public living in this age of information explosion will soon demand the tea merchants to supply a grade of green tea good enough to maintain or to enhance their health in mind and body. The educated consumers want a green tea with no carcinogenic pesticides, with no heavy metal contamination and containing a level of “active ingredients” sufficient for maintaining a healthy immune system and for reducing free radical damage in the body. Dr. Lee’s TeaForHealth™ has set an example for other tea companies to follow. In working with collaborating tea plantations, it has been shown to be possible to avoid using chemically synthesized insecticides in cultivating tea by restricting the tea harvesting events to early spring or in late fall of the year when all the leaf-eating insects are not active.

The tea plantation should be located in an area remote from industrial pollutants or heavy automobile exhaustion discharges because tea leaves are strong absorbents of environmental chemicals. The freshly plucked tea leaves should be heat-processed immediately and properly vacuum-packed with nitrogen flushing. The (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) contents as well as the pesticide and heavy metal residues in the dry tea leaves must be analyzed by an independent laboratory and certified to meet a set of minimum standards before release for marketing. In other words, green tea is a soothing beverage with health-protecting functions and should be treated as such in a serious manner. When using a dry green tea containing at least 7%, preferably 9-10%, EGCG (for example, the High-Antioxidant Green Tea as defined in this website), a daily consumption of 9 to 30 grams of tea leaves brewed properly in a total volume of 1,200 ml of hot water would be adequate for the purpose of maintaining a healthy immune system and for reducing free radical damage in the body. A global green tea movement has begun as a continuation of the tea civilization initiated 5000 years ago in China.

For more information, please refer to the Library at Submitted by Derrick Walker

About the author: Derrick Walker is an advocate of holistic health and believes in cultivating a healthy lifestyle.  Derrick has spent the past twenty years managing and connecting disparate systems and building community on the internet.   He has consulted to, such giants of these industries as: I.B.M.; Syntel, Ford ;  Yamaha; Intuit Software; Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and Siebel  to name just a few.  Derrick currently manages an internet media consultancy and produces health and technology events.

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Katherine Heigl Say’s it Best! E-Cigs, “It’s not bad for you”! I quote…

Comments from Katherine that caught my attention and made me laugh.

Make a better choice.

Tuesday, January 23, 2013

Have you ever had the pleasure of giving it your best to convince someone to change? People generally change when they are ready to change, I repeat, When they are ready! Cigarettes, Food and perhaps anything anyone uses for comfort!

A fine example in my world is taking someone who loves fast food and serving them raw food or even a healthy meal, the color green frightens some.  The look on their face can be priceless, deep lines can form, brows can becomes tightly knit and they are concerned you are doing your best to:

A. Starve them to death.

B. They think, you think, they are fat.

C. Simply trying to kill them!

Not great results. Nor does begging, criticizing, threatening, shaming language or actions, rarely works, if ever. These tactics tear appart trust.  Participating in the above, done one time tooooo many, damages your relationships.

Much the same with Cigarettes, e-cigarette could possibly be a great answer to not taking away something that most smokers say” they love”? Can this be a life saving step down? Can you and your family save money? Find out more….. be prepared to lend support, simply by knowing the details.

Take a look  click the link to find out the details of e-cigarettes from Beyond e Cigarettes.

We love Lucy! Icon for Smoking back in the day. We know to much now. We need to do it different.

luciale ball

What you can provide as a family or friend. Provide the courage to change. Have their back, don’t give up on them. Love them with kind words that they seem not be finding for themselves at the moment. Be a hero for someone today!

Katherine Heigl is just one of many we found using the electronic cigarette! See Katherine in an interview with David Letterman showing how she enjoys using the e-cigarette.

Tobacco users worldwide are finally discovering the People from small towns and big cities to the biggest movie stars are using them, but are they really a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes?

Can it be the answer to quitting smoking? Actual users say they’re now enjoying this healthier cigarette without the bad smell, second-hand smoke, and most imporantly the cancer causing chemicals. With these big claims, we decided to investigate the new technology for our readers.

Let’s look at some of the claims of the electronic  cigarette:

  • Contains zero tar, tobacco, carbon monoxide, or ash.
  • Delivers the same amount of nicotine as real cigarettes.
  • Can be used in bars, airports, restaurants.
  • Each cartridge costs less than $2 and is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes.
  • Average user can save over $1,000 each year.
  • You won’t “smell” like a smoker any longer.
  • Emits harmless water vapor. No second-hand smoke.

Check out the details at Beyond E  

Inhale & Exhale through your day, Blessings, Cam

Peter Somers is waiting for you right downtown Salt Lake City.  He is also wanting to get to know you and chat with you on Face Book.  The reason he is waiting with open arms and doors is he has opened up a new shop in Salt Lake that is all about Raw Honey. Peter’s promise is to not only allow you to taste each blend and organically flavored honey he commits to make you a cup of tea. He is full of information and has some awesome samples of lotions and skin care products, now that is fun. Your time is worth the visit, honey is known to be a superfood and Peter can tell you the reason that is so!

159 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Utah

159 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Utah


Written by, Peter Somers, The Honey Guy!

The healing power of honey is not a recent discovery. Ancient texts reveal that its medicinal benefits have been known for thousands of years. But modern use of honey appears to be focused almost entirely on its value as a sweetener. And there’s no nying that honey makes for a better cup of tea. But the “elixir of the gods” has practically been reduced to table sugar.

Honey’s use as a sweetener and energy source is obvious. It’s composed primarily of sugar, but also provides nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. Its unique composition lends itself to some interesting medicinal properties. But only raw honey can provide the full range of its natural health benefits. Unfortunately, most honey sold today has been highly processed in the interest of product appeal and mass distribution. Processing exposes honey to high levels of heat. It dulls its flavor and damages its enzymes, having a detrimental effect on its natural power to heal.

Meet Peter

One such enzyme, called glucose oxidase, is responsible for honey’s resistance to bacteria. When diluted by water, a naturally occurring antiseptic is released in the form of hydrogen peroxide. Applying raw honey to cuts and abrasions will disinfect the wound and kill bacteria. Contributing to the antimicrobial properties found in raw honey is a lack of available water needed for their survival, and high levels of acidity. Natural resistance to bacteria makes honey an effective cure for a wide variety of ailments.

Hygroscopy is another property of honey that has proven effective in healing minor wounds. It refers to the ability of honey to absorb moisture directly from the air around it. Using raw honey as a dressing will draw moisture from the wound, keeping the affected area dry and facilitate a rapid recovery. Spreading honey on your skin draws moisture from the air, making honey the ultimate, all-natural moisturizer. As an alternative, use skin care products that already have honey in them.

Nectar is responsible for honey’s ample supply of antioxidants, further increasing its healing power. Our bodies require antioxidants in the constant fight against disease, and we get them from choosing the right foods. Table sugar and agave nectar are not the right foods. Substituting refined sugars with raw honey is a sweet way to increase your daily antioxidant intake, thereby improving overall health. Again, this benefit is available only from honey that’s raw. Processed honey means damaged honey, and this includes damage to its antioxidant activity.

Today’s advanced medicine makes it easy to forget the natural power of honey. There’s always a new drug for whatever your ailment. There’s always another side effect. But it hasn’t always been this way. Before pharmaceuticals, there was honey. And there still is honey. Choose raw.

Peter’s Details:

185 E. 800 So. Salt Lake City, Ut.

He is open now and has a Grand Opening Scheduled for Feb. 9 2013

Face Book


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Here is the website we will be hosting the “Global Guide to Healthy Living”. Generating organic business and income for all involved.
Blessings, Cam Williams

Founder,  Marketing for Gurus
Author, “Utah Guide to Healthy Living”
and the “National Guide to Alternative Health Care”

Rev. Shelly Williams, TAO Metaversity, Minister of Support

I would like to introduce Shelly Williams. Shelley’s  support and thoughts of the TAO Metaversity are written below, take a moment to get to know her. Shelly works closely with our staff, adding her wisdom to Our Round Table. Shelly has worked closely with the TAO for several years during the developmental stages of the College. Her vision is remarkable and has impacted our results greatly. 

Shelly will ensure your communications needs are met as well as your classes, programs and course work, unfolds smoothly.  She is the wind beneath our wings, and will be yours as well. She is our Minister of Support.

The Voice of the TAO

I invite you to email me if you have an interest in being added to our Guest list for the Meet and Greet Celebraion.

 Announcing and Introducing


 Kayenta Campus of the TAO Metaversity

In Kayenta, Utah 

 April 2010


Shelly’s Experience,

I applaud you Wendy for accepting Cam’s challenge and look forward to what unfolds during the next few weeks!

I would like to take the opportunity afforded me by the posting of this article, Help Wanted.. to express a thought or two.

I am very pleased by the entire Help Wanted  article; I have felt for quite some time, that is  imperative for any who would speak Metaversity in round table, that they be thoroughly familiar with it from what I consider the source. It is good and necessary that we each bring our calling, our craft, modality, understanding, to the Metaversal Table. We invite you to apply for a staff position, as well, becoming part of our Round Table of creation. Contact Support

Being a chef, I am going to prepare my thoughts, using cooking terms. If I am to make a Sauce Bourguignonne, I must first, in my opinion and by my experience, understand a reduction of red wine and that shallots are used. As well, I had better know what a bouquet garni is. If I know these things, and a few other tidbits then I can make the sauce – perfectly. As well I can enhance the recipe my own way understanding the method and ingredients; I can also choose to use the product to my advantage without the product itself being diminished. But if I know not these things, then I have no understanding of what it takes to bring the creation together, let alone all the endless possibilities it offers. That being said…

 I teach at The Metaversity, speak about the Metaversity, teach about the Metaversity, Minister for and in the name of The TAO Metaversity; It is my responsibility to know what the heart of it is, whether or not it is: a red wine reduction or something with reduced red wine in it. There is a big difference! I am here to support you on your journey to get to know the value the TAO holds for you. Our Vision Statement

It is not my dream to re-create it but to co-create with you, and any who are truly willing. I cannot do this without understanding the vision from the visionary who brought it to me. I have claimed my place, defined my role and plan a life that is inclusive of The Metaversity.

 I have not defined what The Metaversity is, that has been done, is being done through you. I may enhance, add, bring, whatever, but I may not define it, speak it and call it the TAO Metaversity, until and unless I am thoroughly versed in everything. I am a student of the TAO Metaversity as well as one of its teachers and am the Minister of Support. I feel a great responsibility to maintain the intent of it, the unfettered simplicity and purity of it.  About Wendy Mendenhall

I am a part of something, a whole conception, a college that resonates deeply within me and feel it to be pure in its intent. If I do not understand it as it stands, I cannot make changes to it, claim it, even contribute to it – I can only take, because honestly without the effort put forth to know the blue print, my intent is half hearted.  I invite you to know us as well The TAO Metaversity

I feel The TAO Metaversity is a gift to most of whom it has been brought, as it stands. The College belongs to everyone who claims it as theirs and who is taking the time to understand what they are claiming. I invite you home.

Looking forward to helping you know us,

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Reverend Shelly Williams,
Minister of Support-TAO Metaversity

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment, it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.

Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be. And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.–

Written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s

Be gentle with yourself, Happy Holidays, Blessings, Cam

Marketing Gurus supports the TAO Metaversity

hallWhy a TAO Metaversity? Because there is an evolution going on – now. The world is presently moving through a major shift and all aspects of life are changing with it. Why a TAO Metaversity? Because there is an evolution going on – now.

The world is presently moving through a major shift and all aspects of life are changing with it. The work people do, the way they live together, how they relate to one another and how they see their role in society and place in the universe is changing. Humanity cannot continue to resolve twenty-first century dilemmas with first-century guidelines. Providing answers for you at the TAO Metaversity Meeting,

One World Cafe, 4 pm, on the 19th of November.

Until then Expect a Miracle, Wendy Mendenhall, Founder

 TAO Metatversity  Site your invited to learn more~ as well as attend the meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Blessings, Cam

The voice of the TAO Metaversity