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Join me in generating the Global Guide to Healthy Living, earn seed money for your business.

Many of you know, I wrote the Utah Guide to Healthy Living. Super fun to connect providers with the public that is looking to make a good choice on the care of their bodies, heart and souls. I am constantly the connector with events of a healing nature, building out, flushing entrepreneurs into the public eyes. Providing education and contact information is what I do best.  523124_474793345873184_1389480199_n
Sam Keele has said Yes for me to create the “Global Guide to Healthy Living” with in his system on RREM. The reason I saw this is that he also created a format that generates money along the way for each person in the book (Good Money, Weekly).
My invitation to you. Join me in global manifestation of a provider listing around the world. Education is the key to clientele. I invite you to write a chapter for the site about your practice. List at the bottom every detail you want on your practice, product and/or services. Example Face Book url, website, blog address, phone, email and any other connection you have generated. A photo or video would be excellent! Email me your write up Feel free to call or text me. 801-577-3646. Feel free to call Sam 801-427-6565 or email him at  for more details.
Two steps are to be taken, to earned your listing space for 1 year are required,  both are easy. Find 4 providers, healers, or services of a healing, healthy nature to write for our new book. That is considered number 1. You will be provided a website page to have these providers sign with you.  Pay a one time fee of $35.00 that is step 2. When you find your 4 providers you launch into earning money for you. You are paid $10 for each of the 4 listing by RREM. You are now in the beginnings of your profits….. we are naming this “seed” money to do your business, organically grown. Sweet!
Below is a video that will educate you on the money you will earn by taking and teaching these two steps to 4 people. Be good at this and you will be creating exposure, global awareness and a generous living. I can help you be good at this, I have your back and here to provide information and support. You are invited to make $10,000 in 8 weeks as a Oneness Global movement for education and cash flow challenge.  Organically grown and manifesting a win win for all involved.
Included in the educational material is software education and tools that will take you to the next level of getting your business noticed and utilized on the Internet. This is on your site when you sign up and is included in your entry fee of $35.00. No surprises, no extra fees along the way. None! Currently within the site is a 333 page book for health and a wellness lifestyle. We are building and adding on this information with your educational listing. We need you.
Here is the website we will be hosting the “Global Guide to Healthy Living”. Generating organic business and income for all involved.
Blessings, Cam Williams

Founder,  Marketing for Gurus
Author, “Utah Guide to Healthy Living”
and the “National Guide to Alternative Health Care”


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

Bueller, Bueller, Buellerfarris Blogging 101

Dear Ferris,

I realize today when I called roll that you had cut class. The school of blogging is not something that is in your best interest to be missing. As grades are not given out, but new clients are! I am deeply concerned and have put you in “study hall” so you can get your homework done. I do this only because I love you.

As you know life is full of consequences I am counting on you to do the next right thing, not for me but for you. I believe in you.

This webinar link is your homework

The webinar inspired me to learn more to spread the word about the amazing traffic that a blogs can and will drive to you. Plus it is fun; And I am a genius at it, which makes me an excellent coach for you!

Watch the video it….  If you can build your own blog, good on you. If you want me to build your blog with all the bells and whistles… so you write and hit publish, call me and most definitely attend my next class by pre-paying the whopping $11 dollars and coming to class, next thurs at noon! Or call me, let’s rock your world.

Your blog 101 teacher,

My blog

Lastest blogs I built this week, my top students of the week!

Cam Williams

The Value of a new Head Shot! You really want my picture up there? YES

Cam Williams, Founder

Cam Williams, Founder

I decided to get a new head shot based on the fact that I am launching lots and lots of new ways to promote your business.  Things like the value of blogging, how that impacts you with the bots that pick us all up and make sense of what category and where we fit.

Bottom line is we all get a feeling for the person when we see their photo.  So put your picture up,  get real,  get authentic.  Our intuition level is on the move upwards so should you be.   Put your picture on everything, your website, e-mails, your blog and campaigns. It is also called branding.  Statistic show that people remember a face better than a name. The Number one reason people will buy from you is because they like you. Remember you need to back up the purchase with integrity and commitment. Always with their best interest at heart, you’ll sleep like a baby and they will be delighted to continue to do business with you and your company.

I want to brag up Weston Hall, my across the street neighbor that happens to be the eye candy of the block! He also is the most talented, Young (bummer) man with his camera. He came to take my picture I had lost my keys 6 hours prior. I said, ” if you can make me smile and look half way happy about life” we are so on. Here is what he came up with and I found my keys a few hours later! Turned out to be a Good day and Weston made it better.

Weston is a blogger as well you can find him and his awesome photograpy on his website also his blog is in my blog roll.

See you when you have your picture up!


Cam Williams

Marketing for

Deeksha Blessings, Nov. 30, SLC, at Gratitude Fellowship

Agape @ Gratitude

Featuring the recorded words of The Secret’s and much more,
Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Sundays at 3:30 PM for meditation, provided this week by Sylvia
Nibley, and 4:00 PM for service. First United Methodist Church
Southeast Corner, 200 South & 200 East, Downtown SLC.
Enter the East (back) door and go straight down to the Worship Room.
Accessible by TRAX

We had a wonderful service, last week. After the service,
This week, for the meditation period, Sylvia Nibley will
provide Deeksha blessings. Please come try this wonderful
transformational tool. All are at 3:30.

Michael, brilliant and inspirational, as always, will give a lesson on
progression this week, which is also an opportunity to complete this
year, a bit early, and plan for the next.

Join us. Be who you were created to be.

Peace and Blessings,

Movie Announcement Created by Marketing Gurus, Cam Williams 801-577-3646/
Creating movement for your Profession, Event and/or Website.

Cam Williams

Cam Williams launches “It’s About Health!”

Cam Williams launches "It's About Health" Radio Show

Cam Williams launches

Be ready for the launch of the “It’s About Health”! Radio Show starting December 15, 2008 
Finally, the show about health alternative you’ve been waiting for! Cam Williams, author of the Guide to Healthy Living presents this informative and concise show on alternative healthcare therapies and interviews with national practitioners. The Guide to Healthy Living offers everyone a complete resource guide. Each informative chapter describes in detail the results you can expect from various modalities, techniques, treatments and practitioners.