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Empowered Friend

Kelly Russell, friend and co- angel in my life,  sent this commitment to be a creator. Sign up and commit to being a creator in your own artful creative way. Are you committed to your vision?

With our sincerest appreciation we welcome you. You’ve made it possible to produce advertising that will reflect and support your own true beauty of the endless experience of beauty present now in our precious world. Our vision of an empowered, joyful, sustainable, abundant, prosperous world that is anchored in love can be shared with your friends now. Tell them you signed the declaration by forwarding the message at the end of this email. Called2Create engenders the current conscious shift we’re experiencing as we discover and accept that ancient truth that our world is actually perceived into existence and therefore is a direct reflection of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Let Go. Lighten Up. Be Empowered. Gratefully Yours in Empowered Creation, To ensure proper delivery of our future emails, take a moment now and add our email address – – to your address book, trusted sender list, or company white list. Use this link to update your email preferences: Beloved Friends, Today, I signed the Declaration of Empowerment, a document that unites and empowers the public to utilize their creative capacity. This is our opportunity to embrace a more empowered existence. Learn about your new calling. Awaken and contribute your creative power! The present is a gift. Sign the Declaration of Empowerment NOW at! I’m Called2Create…Are You?

I am committed to Autism Awareness , Children’s Wellness and Health.  For myself, to continue to manifest my own strength to be all that I can be. I bless those that I touch with my heart. To Love others for how they are showing up in my life as well as the lives they touch.

Blessings, Cam

Submitted, With Love, from Kelly Russell

Find her on Face Book she has an amazing vision…



Marketing for Gurus, Just Expanded!

Marketing for Gurus has been experiencing the great and wonderful challenge of over growth. Gurus has done our very best to catch up with the on-slot of new ideas, new clients and new projects! Seems “getting the word out” about our wonderful healers in our valley has a need and a niche much greater than myself.

I have welcomed with open arms my newest, latest, greatest, business partner Holly Evans. Holly makes my world easy with direct connections with my face book, Plaxo, Linkedin, Twitter and You Tube all joining hands with ease and grace. I must admit she has filled my in box with more conversations than perhaps one can handle! She can and will be providing these services for you.

Holly is an amazing resource finder, my in box is also overflowing with ideas from her that we can put on the drawing board for our future services for you.

What we have up our sleeve!

  1. Web cast series for Internet marketing (Global)
  2. E-books development, selling on Amazon
  3. Your logo or banner sent along with in your e-mail
  4. Webinars providing education about your business
  5. Website featuring providers of healthy services (world wide)

I will be updating an “About Holly” Page and providing contact information as well as Holly will be an Author on this blog as one of her many talents. Holly is gifted in her writing skills, enjoying her wisdom in marketing is one of the aspect you will greatly enjoy.

Here is a small dose of Holly….

Holly Evans, Rock Star Marketing for Gurus

Holly Evans, Rock Star Marketing for Gurus

 Holly’s Words…

“I made a career out of doing things that nobody else wanted to do.  If there was a task at my prior jobs that everybody hated doing, I would make it my entire function so that they were not bothered with it.  I knew once I got good at it, I would like it.  I was always right about that.  Not to mention, others at work appreciated me because I removed their drudgery.  That’s really what it’s about for me.  Making things fun for other people so they can sing through their day, that is my goal for here too.

I love social marketing.  Facebook Twitter, Linked-In, Plaxo, and many others.  There are so many sites where you can set up a profile and get seen.  Not only do I find it fun to set up the profiles, but it is just as fun to help people define their purposes for being there”.

You can see just from this introduction of Holly we are in for one exciting year and many more to come.


Founder, Cam Williams

Wind Swept I am, with the Newest Video!

Blessed I am with the most amazing clients! The Wind Swept Center in Salt City is becoming my most favorite, (don’t tell my other clients) place to be. I was glad to be there in the midst of her center.

Last weekend I stopped by to take a few photo’s for the Video created in this blog. Vickie Parker, the Founder of Wind Swept Center was holding and hosting a psychic fair. She had several readers, many of them her students, a few food snacks, that I quickly picked up and devoured!  A delightful feeling was in the air.

Vickie in her intuitive way, takes a look at me and said ,”Do you want a healing”? With out hesitation I said, “Oh Yes”! Or was it “Yes Please”. Either way I got more than I bargained for!

Vickie,  proceed to share with me, that I had a most beautiful small child in me that still is very active. “She” the small child, keeps me a float when things become stressful for me. Very helpful aspect of myself. I like what Vickie had to say because I found that as a truth. Sometime people reminding you of valuable aspect of self, truly sets you free as it did me.

Vickie proceeded to smooth my Aura, which apparently had a few ripes and tears. We simply can not have that! Since I am around people all the darn time it is important that I hold light inside this space so that I stay connected to source and all that is good. It Felt excellent.

She noted, one last energy cord, coming out of my lower back. Vickie mentioned she was pushing it in and then pulling it out. I could feel this; that was a powerful sensation.

My week has been noticeably interesting. I find myself happier, expressing with a greater amount of freedom. Clear is good in my day to day life, as I work with many people during my week and need to be clear enough to hear their vision and dreams for their company. I also desire to have a feeling for what they are wanting to create when I design Videos for an expression of who and what they are accomplishing in their business.

I love my work, facinating, inspiring, helpful to others, I am blessed.

Marketing tip for today. Truly be with your clients in all ways that work  for both of you. If you can use their services and get to know how valuable their resouces are for you and others you are now in the know! It is your job to seek and work with their inspired greatness.



Being of Service, listen to your calling..

Dear Cam,

Wendy sent me the beautiful youtube video you created based on the simple little message our group of eight designed and sent out scarcely a week ago. Thank you! We are touched and overwhelmed by your video, and have sent it everywhere!

Today, is this not the most happy of days! A new day. A holy day, truly.

      We send you blessings on your life and in your work, Cam. Again, thank you.
                       Peace,  Women’s Spirit Circle of Seattle

Good Morning Everyone,

It is moments like these that remind me of what staying out of outcomes and being of heart truly means. The above e-mail I opened this morning and to my blessed life comes a new group of women I have never met. Perhaps I will someday, but today I honor and praise the work they do in another state, towards a connected goal.

Marketing Tip for today, do not market.

Be in your heart, follow your intentions from your divine voice and let it be. I have had many opportunities as of recently to remember to mind my own business. You ask what is my business? My business is to listen. I am listening.

My last posting was a Video that was divinely inspired. I received an e-mail from one of my most inspiring friends Wendy. I read it and knew a video needed to be created to help those that love visuals as I do, to feel it and join in as part of the celebration and safety for us all on our new journey and presidency.

I stayed up late with a big smile and away I went late into the night for the right pictures, the right feeling, and the right music. Who could sleep and better than that who would want too! Not me. Then I minded my own business.

This morning I check my e-mail and find that others (minding their own business) started passing along my Video to others. Thanking me for my divine vision. I got a lump in my throat and blessed them all knowing full well I had met yet another group of divinely inspired women that listen to their wisdom.

On a personal level, I have been served up with a week of reminders from all around me to let go, trust and be in gratitude. Once in a while I would pick up some thoughts floating in my head of what I should do next in my business. Thoughts of being on “top of my game” to do follow up on something that does not need following up on. I will call these Old School.

My father bless his sweet heart, taught me these due diligence things that do not apply in our world today. He loved the saying “the early bird” gets the worm. I am crazy in love with this man, he was driven by caring for his family and made plenty of money proving in my mind that he had the right ideas. He did for the times. He worked hard and was relieved a great deal, since he had survived the depression and wanted very much for his family never to be with out as he had.

I listen as well to his words, love him, give thanks for his guidence and trust myself. My words for my life are be in the river, flow with what is around me, stay awake and stay in love with what it is I want to create. I love my business, I love my life, I mind my own business.



Teaching what you need to Learn…..

Hello all,

I have a mixture rolling inside me today of extremely humble with bubbling  joy all at the same time. Interesting feeling! I taught a “Why in the World would I Blog” class yesterday. My limit I thought was 11 in the room however Heaven had a different number that came to 15 total. What do I know?

The Joy came from having so much fun, it was a blast, did I say, “A super amazing time”. The Humble comes from the masters that gathered in this room in the middle of the day to be in my class. The light was so bright with genius, inspiration and eagerness to learn I was taken back at the glory of my own life.

This is how every ones “work” is now making manifest. Any thing less now sits like a rock in your belly. Not a good way to move in this beautiful world any longer, I personally call it OLD SCHOOL….

I learned something very important from each one that came into the class room yesterday. This morning one of my students from the class, Cheryl Deis a glass artist and visionary was writing on face book about her new center and how she was creating a new blog about her art. The message was for me, come home to yourself, always every moment stay awake to what you need to do to be self loving in your life and importantly in your business. I read what she wrote on line and said to myself come home to you and Blog (Few other details on my Business up for clarity).

Marketing Tip with healthy dose of wisdom for today. Check in with your business needs. Especially if your business is customer oriented, you have deadlines, commitments, to do list, these things can tug at you to the point of getting them done just to get them off your list~ not the way to be. Check in daily to see if you are keeping your own dead lines of what needs to be done~ on your blog, your website your projects.

I believe my oldest gave me this phase, Leadership by example. Do for yourself what you do for others first, the overflow is now pure for your clients a path has been set for them to follow your expertise. They will see and know it is true, you are loyal to your and their highest good, they can count on that and so can you.

Take some time to see what inside of you makes you tick. Do you have energy that blocks you from getting your own things right or done. Fear you might disappoint or let down or have to speak up and change a date or time line. Free yourself from this strands that do not serve you or them. Forgive your self for not being super man but remind yourself that you are Super Love and can come from that place for yourself and your clients as well. Honesty and Authentic with your heart being in that energy is always a win.



A bit about Cheryl

Cheryl Deis, Glass Artist, Visionary intuitive

Cheryl Deis, Glass Artist, Visionary intuitive

“Steady as she goes”, Blogging!

Good Morning,

We are living in a time you hear some key phrases around town. You might have heard “live in the moment”, “hold good thoughts”, basically that one means, be of good cheer. Neither of these are as easy to do or be all the darn time but worth some thoughts.

Living in the moment with getting the word out about your most magnificent talents and gifts takes simply to stay the course in what your doing. The second is be in a good mood while you are doing it.

Living in the moment with blogging means that you write about what is calling to you at the moment. This is easy, did you just finish a painting, building a class to teach, a project that impacts you and others? Good solid topic’s for you.

I once I did a Dale Carnagie public speaking course, loved it and was terrified. This was years ago, however one thing that still comes to mind. We were taught too always speak about something we know. Blogging is much the same, I would like to add to these words of wisdom, blog about something you love and are inspired to do. People will get you and your work. To the best of your ability stay out of outcomes “stay the course” and mind your own business, simply write from your inspiration. Soon you will find your pages of writing, your inspired thoughts scattered under your key words, in many places all over the net. This drives traffic to your website and in turn more information about your genius.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a website. Blogs now have contact pages, links, rss feeds and trackbacks. You can list your videos, music favorite books or a cause you support. Blogs give you an amazing amount of ability to change topic’s add features and a quick way to get new information out as well as respond to those wanting information about you. It is good. Once the details are loaded on your blog by your webmaster or me, you can write until your hearts content about your visions and game plan.

Blogs are an excellent answer to not having a website and/or not wanting to hire a webmaster. Websites – stay the same until your webmaster can get to yours and change or add subjects, not so with a blog.

My weekly Internet class this weeks topic is “Why in the World would I Want to Blog”? Here is the details…..

Talk to the world with your Blog

Talk to the world with your Blog

JOIN ME for a fun, educational class and learn ” The Why in the World Would I Blog”. class. This class is almost full I am taking only 11 so that your questions can be answered in this one hour class.  I can do an evening or a Saturday morning, let me know if I over flow you would prefer this time line. Here is my blog
” You have heard the talk, now let me provide for you, some tips on the fun and new customers it can create for you, if “done the right way”. Blogging makes it easy to publish your ideas and lets you — Stand out with your communication with new clientele and new relationship with a shared vision.
This One Hour class is held at Healing Spirit Arts, bring your laptop if you have one (We have Wireless). You will leave knowing full well if this is your next step in your vision of generating more information about you, your services, your products and be of service out on the Internet for becoming a pro active part of oneness. My e-mail is
Cam@MarketingForGurus.comTime from 12:00 Noon – 1:00 PM Date January 8, 2009 Cost $11.00. You must pre register…. 801-577-3646 . Class location: Healing Spirit Arts, 1399 So. 700 E. Suite #9, Salt lake city, 84105

Be of Good Cheer, my hope for all of us is that we are working, living and thriving in a life that is manifesting our dreams. Being of good cheer is easy when we come from the highest part of our self to generate and inspire others around us to participate in our vision. Rather you are loaded with brilliance in car repair, marketing such as myself or the best cook in town, be that of your gifts! From that place you are simply in a GOOD MOOD!



Healing Spirit Arts, For Our SLC, Community

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