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Awakening, pondering how do we get there? Deeksha Blessings….

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From my understanding an Awakened State,  is living in a state of being in the moment, every moment. This alone takes me into my past with mind racing ideas , ” I cannot remember ever doing that for more than a day”.  Then my busy brain can jump into future “I am not ever going to awaken in that kind of peacefulness”.  Turning my thoughts into a study course, which has very little to do with surrender, it has every thing to do with getting it right. I pray daily for my awakening and yours.

We are One. I understand this, often I can see you better than I can see myself . Relationships provide me with actions and words, that are a match to mine, time after time providing a mirror.

I am grateful for the mirror until I hit a part of me that really needs me to get out the dust pan. Time to turn on Netflix and watch a chick flick, organic popcorn & butter. I show up for letting go and letting Divine energy flow. A bath a divine choice! Deeksha to the Head  Brings on the Happy Dance.  Enjoy!

Lucky, blessed, spoiled and grateful is the words I would use today about my learning, loving and embracing Deeksha for the past 4 years. What I have learned, forgiveness and surrender is needed to live the natural order of my choices and love what is.

Find Deeksha in your area, by going to Oneness University search for your community.

Meet Janet and Linda


Linda Beal and Janet Eakin of Salt Lake City, Utah,  Oneness trainers, they are a team, their website is Awakening Oneness. The Oneness University is where they have taken their training. These ladies come home each time from India with insights to share what they have experienced and learned. My understanding is Linda starts writing on the plane home. With smiles, CD’s, long and late hours, created courses, manuals and blessing events generating over 800 Deeksha blessing givers in the state of Utah and many more in surrounding states.

They have managed to provide many opportunity for people to change their lives with the intent of Awakening.

Website  Awakening Oneness.

Wednesday night you have an opportunity to hear Linda Beal on the Oneness awakening call. Below you can find out how to be part of this call, learn more about Deeksha and Oneness, well worth the listen as We Are All Awakening.

Up and Coming Awakening Course’s listed below for Linda and Janet, worth the travel, time and money. Jump In

Wednesday 1/24/2013

Wednesday 1/23/2013

Here is the line up for January for the next Wednesday night
Awakening Teleconference Calls:
Jan. 16th Tara Carson – see play-back number to listen to this call
Jan 23rd Linda Beal
Jan. 30th Andy Migner
February line up to be announced soon. . . . .
These calls are a great way to ask your questions, sync up with the person sharing
and receive powerful Awakening Deeksha.

Feb Course is Feb 8-10, 2013 being held at The Healing Hearts Studio in Centerville.
One of our Deeksha Givers owns & operates this studio.
They also currently hold Deeksha there every Monday night.
We are holding our next course here to help the Deeksha communities growth in North Salt Lake & Davis & Weber Counties.
Here is the link with more info & to register.

March Course is March 8-10, 2013 & we will be holding it at the Krishna Temple in Salt Lake in their large Auditorium.

Here is the link for more info & to register.

Namaste & Love Janet & Linda Awaken to Oneness


Cam Williams

Your ideas are important to me. Tell me what  you want to learn about?  I invite you to consider writing about your own practice. Add a comment!

The Global Guide to Healthy Living


Energy Medicine: What is it?

It is important to me that each blog I post contains education for your enjoyment and you gain a path way to personal well-being. In writing and compiling the Global Guide to Healthy Living I am blessed to be able to learn while doing. Join me and many others by adding your comments, providing further education and your personal stories.

Energy Medicine~

The human body contains hundreds of locations where there is focused and concentrated energy. There are, however seven major energy centers commonly referred to as “chakras”. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means “wheel”. The chakras are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy. They are centers of force located within our etheric body, through which we receive, transmit and process life energies.


Each Chakra in the body is recognized as a focal point in life-force relating to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. The chakras are the network through which body, mind and spirit interact as one holistic system.

The seven major chakras correspond to specific aspects of our consciousness and have their own individual characteristic and functions. Each has a corresponding relationship to one of the various glands of the body’s endocrine system.

The main purpose in working with and understanding the chakras is to create integration and wholeness within our ourselves. In this way we bring the various aspects of our consciousness, from the physical to the spiritual into a harmonious relationship.

To help us in this process, it is most important to understand the chakras are “doorways” for our consciousness. They are doorways through which emotional, mental and spiritual forces flow into physical expression. The are openings through which our attitudes and belief systems enter into and create our body/mind structure. The energy created from our emotions and mental attitudes runs through the chakras and is distributed to our cells, tissues and organs.

Take a moment if you will to enjoy this sounding bowl meditation.


When these energies in our body get out of balance our physical, mental or spiritual health becomes distressed or diseased. The energy healer draws from the universal source of life’s energy. This energy is then channeled through the healer and extended to the person’s imbalanced energy field (chakras). By channeling new life-giving energy directly into the imbalanced chakra points, the corresponding parts of the body that are not functioning properly can be brought back into harmony. This allows the normal energy to flow again and the body, mind and spirit can be restored to complete and proper health.

Some examples of energy healing~ Deeksha blessings, Reiki, meditaion, chakra clearing, aura balancing, toning, music, earthing.

Along with Vickie Parkers work with Energy Healing.

Click the link below of Vickie Parker energy worker to learn more. Vickie can be found in Salt Lake City, Utah and is the founder of the

WindsweptCenter a teaching healing place.

Healing tip of the day: “Faith is the thread we hang onto when our life is falling apart”. by Sharon Wegscheidercruse

Blessings today and everyday,