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Just 5 Short days until Oneness Awakening Course, St. George, Ut.


Join us in St. George, Ut.

Our “Oneness Awakening” course begins in only 5 short days.  Hopefully you have all reserved rooms or lodging & arranged carpooling if needed.  If any of you still need to secure lodging or a ride please contact us as soon as possible.  Janet 801 205-7000 or Linda 801 557-0367. e-mail

Anyone staying at the home with the Salt Water Pool will need to send $100.00 per person to our paypal account no later than Monday afternoon (today) as we need to prepay for this accommodation.  Paypal to  If you do not have a paypal account please contact us for other arrangements.

You can also send payment for your course to if you have a paypal account.  We would prefer this method of payment.  Otherwise you can pay with a check made out to Janet Eakin or bring cash to your first night of the course. 

Attached you will find the Moola Mantra.  Please take some time this week to study the words & their meaning. 

We will sing this together during the weekend.  It is a very powerful mantra as you will see when you study the attachment.  We will also send you home with a CD that has a couple different versions of the Moola_Mantra

Have an amazing week

See you soon
Janet & Linda

More Details for St. George


Marketing for Deeksha Oneness Kayenta


I am doing my magic with the Oneness awakening weekend in Kayenta. I have Got to post a reciprocal link to do some listing in St. George. Here it is

Now that was easy, you folk may want to list your courses or classes ir whatever on this site, easy fun friendly and did I say easy… Blessings, Cam
See you in St. George..

Flagstaff Conference, Domestic Violence, desire rooms or time share for June 18th and 19th..

National Advocacy & Training Network supports women in recovery from domestic violence.  We are a non profit and will provide a tax receipt for your donation or discounted rate.  We are in need of accommodations in Flagstaff AZ on June 18th and 19th. Naturopaths International has donated 10 passes for the Consciousness with a Cause Convention at the Coconino Community College Lone Tree Campus.  We would greatly appreciate the donation or deep discount of 4 rooms, a time share condo or cottage with kitchen facilities. Assistance of any kind would be most welcome.

National Advocacy & Training Network (NATN) has has two beautiful homes that are located in Mesa and Chandler in Arizona.  Cup O Karma on Southern in Mesa trains the women to re-enter the workforce. Monalou Callery is the founder of NATN and works with ASU in the development of a legal support system that assists the women with their legal needs.  Hear is being developed so that the women can tell their story of domestic violence via a blogging system.  This program is being developed, and donated, by Park & Company in Phoenix, AZ.

As you can see, we have been blessed with help from the business community and so many caring people. Your support would also be a blessing and equally appreciated. 

Please contact me if you can provide answers for our Flagstaff conference accommodation needs, or more details about our non profit.

Cam Williams
Fund Raising
801-577-3646 cell

Life in Balance

Welcoming thoughts,
Divine Grace is the way to fill with the inspiration you desire and require daily.
How blessed we are at the TAO Metaversity with the up and coming Deeksha event/workshop that will grace our space in Kayenta, Utah.
Our time line is early May 2010.  The details of our workshop will be released shortly, we are working on the perfect food, housing and space with of course a Sunday Night Celebration. I am personally delighted to be united once again with many of my friends and family.    In the meantime, below you will find a link to the SLC event in on April 9, 2010.
Feel free to contact Linda Beal and Janet Eakin to be placed on their mailing list.
Janet: 801-205-7000
Linda: 801-577-6307
Certified Oneness Trainers, certified by the Oneness University in India
Living in Grace, Cam
The Voice of the TAO  

Rev. Shelly Williams, TAO Metaversity, Minister of Support

I would like to introduce Shelly Williams. Shelley’s  support and thoughts of the TAO Metaversity are written below, take a moment to get to know her. Shelly works closely with our staff, adding her wisdom to Our Round Table. Shelly has worked closely with the TAO for several years during the developmental stages of the College. Her vision is remarkable and has impacted our results greatly. 

Shelly will ensure your communications needs are met as well as your classes, programs and course work, unfolds smoothly.  She is the wind beneath our wings, and will be yours as well. She is our Minister of Support.

The Voice of the TAO

I invite you to email me if you have an interest in being added to our Guest list for the Meet and Greet Celebraion.

 Announcing and Introducing


 Kayenta Campus of the TAO Metaversity

In Kayenta, Utah 

 April 2010


Shelly’s Experience,

I applaud you Wendy for accepting Cam’s challenge and look forward to what unfolds during the next few weeks!

I would like to take the opportunity afforded me by the posting of this article, Help Wanted.. to express a thought or two.

I am very pleased by the entire Help Wanted  article; I have felt for quite some time, that is  imperative for any who would speak Metaversity in round table, that they be thoroughly familiar with it from what I consider the source. It is good and necessary that we each bring our calling, our craft, modality, understanding, to the Metaversal Table. We invite you to apply for a staff position, as well, becoming part of our Round Table of creation. Contact Support

Being a chef, I am going to prepare my thoughts, using cooking terms. If I am to make a Sauce Bourguignonne, I must first, in my opinion and by my experience, understand a reduction of red wine and that shallots are used. As well, I had better know what a bouquet garni is. If I know these things, and a few other tidbits then I can make the sauce – perfectly. As well I can enhance the recipe my own way understanding the method and ingredients; I can also choose to use the product to my advantage without the product itself being diminished. But if I know not these things, then I have no understanding of what it takes to bring the creation together, let alone all the endless possibilities it offers. That being said…

 I teach at The Metaversity, speak about the Metaversity, teach about the Metaversity, Minister for and in the name of The TAO Metaversity; It is my responsibility to know what the heart of it is, whether or not it is: a red wine reduction or something with reduced red wine in it. There is a big difference! I am here to support you on your journey to get to know the value the TAO holds for you. Our Vision Statement

It is not my dream to re-create it but to co-create with you, and any who are truly willing. I cannot do this without understanding the vision from the visionary who brought it to me. I have claimed my place, defined my role and plan a life that is inclusive of The Metaversity.

 I have not defined what The Metaversity is, that has been done, is being done through you. I may enhance, add, bring, whatever, but I may not define it, speak it and call it the TAO Metaversity, until and unless I am thoroughly versed in everything. I am a student of the TAO Metaversity as well as one of its teachers and am the Minister of Support. I feel a great responsibility to maintain the intent of it, the unfettered simplicity and purity of it.  About Wendy Mendenhall

I am a part of something, a whole conception, a college that resonates deeply within me and feel it to be pure in its intent. If I do not understand it as it stands, I cannot make changes to it, claim it, even contribute to it – I can only take, because honestly without the effort put forth to know the blue print, my intent is half hearted.  I invite you to know us as well The TAO Metaversity

I feel The TAO Metaversity is a gift to most of whom it has been brought, as it stands. The College belongs to everyone who claims it as theirs and who is taking the time to understand what they are claiming. I invite you home.

Looking forward to helping you know us,

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Reverend Shelly Williams,
Minister of Support-TAO Metaversity

The Heart of the TAO Metaversity’s Curriculum – Help Wanted

 February 16, 2010 written by, Wendy Mendenhall, Founder of the TAO Metaversity,

 I have talked to numbers of teachers about teaching at the TAO Metaversity. I have told them, “You need to write a curriculum of what you teach. The curriculum needs to be in a universal language that can be taught in any culture, any religion, any location. The curriculum needs to be a global curriculum – a curriculum that connects us as beings – not a curriculum that connects us into our fears, beliefs, genders, religions, ages, countries, educational level and so many other ways we continue to live in two worlds.

The curriculum needs to be about where we connected before we began all of our individual learning. It needs to unlearn our programming, the many places and ways we seperate ourselves from each other using the education we have been immersed in.”

Well, this week a very dear friend asked some important questions. It got me to thinking about what has been written and what needs to be shared to educate anyone who is called to the TAO Metaversity. Where can the essence of the TAO Metaversity be studied so we are on a universal page concerning this global environment? I realized I must do what I am telling others to do – write the curriculum, or in business terminology, the corporate soul of the TAO Metaversity in order to educate anyone called to teach, learn, raise awareness and funds, elevate and hold vision of the TAO Metaversity.

 The TAO Metaversity must be understood before anyone can say, “How can I help” and really be helpful. So over the next few days and weeks, I am committing to write the heart of the curriculum of the TAO Metaversity. When you understand the heart of the curriculum is in each one of you, then you bring your piece, you understand why you are called. It is about supporting a vision because it makes sense and has the potential to create opportunities for everyone to be sustainable – including the TAO Metaversity. This is sustainability in its purest form.

 The TAO Metaversity’s Want Ad: HELP WANTED:

 The TAO Metaversity is looking for those who understand that for the same reason they educated themselves about all things important in their lives, that they do the same concerning the vision of the TAO Metaversity. Know what you are working towards and how it dovetails with the TAO Metaversity before you come to interview. Know what the TAO Metaversity is about, the history, the intent, the goals, the practices, the essence – the heart. That’s all on the blog. Know why you want to work with the TAO Metaversity, what you can bring, what you want to ask, what you want to know that has not been answered in all the information available. Then – come, being educated as throughly as possible, and tell why the TAO Metaversity would be crazy not to include you. Tell why the TAO Metaversity will be receiving the greatest gift – you.

Tell what you are about and your value and what is necessary for you to be sustained and how All are sustained by including you, your ideas, your classes, your insights, your dreams. Share why all of what you are fits perfectly with what the TAO Metaversity is – because there is no difference. Take your breath away because you have understood the heart of the vision. Leave the TAO Metaversity inspired because you connected into your soul and your passion by recognizing -wholeness. This is the TAO Metaversity.

 This is an opportunity for teachers, students, entrepreneurs, artists, gardeners, administrators, grant writers, marketers, healers, fund raisers, sacred environmentalists, practitioners, to come to a canvas that is still being created. In business language this is the ground floor of rewriting what we feel has been written without us. Bring your brushes, your colors, your music, your ideas, your talents, your heart and connect into a vision that is open and sustainable in many ways. But first – you must educate yourself completely to understand how you can add to the painting being created – how to bring your gift into the TAO Metaversity; to add to the masterpiece that you recognize from a deep inner knowing. You bring yourself, sacrifice nothing by naturally connecting to what makes sense. This is where you can help – by being clear about why you are involved. This is where you can help because you realize why you are born. This is where you can help author education for the 21st century. Then you become an ambassador for the TAO Metaversity as well as an ambassador for what makes sense, what is sustainable, what is supportive and what supports – All.

 This is a vision we have inside of ourselves – that is why we come to the TAO Metaversity. Yes, Wendy is holding the vision. She is committed to write the curriculum to give the foundation to the TAO Metaversity. After that, it is important for all of those who want to help carry this vision to educate themselves about the TAO Metaversity and to ask questions. Exhaust all possible questions that haven’t been answered by the blog, emails, facebook – like a child does.

 This TAO Metaversity is not a university, it is not a college, it is not redressing an old mindset and reselling it as a new idea. Each facet from the curriculum, tuition, accreditation, sustainability, teachings, student body, environment are addressed to usher in a world we are all screaming for.

 So hold on cause Wendy said yes to this invitation from Cam Williams, the Voice for the TAO Metaversity: “I am asking you if you would be willing for your vision to risk becoming a complete and utter idiot in front of the universe. Perhaps to fail miserably? Now that is courage for manifesting of a dream and I say so what if you did, I will love you forever my friend. Hell people will write books about you after you’re dead and gone and we both know we don’t die, so what in the world do we have to lose here except our egos! What we can create is God in movement.”

 Help build this TAO Metaversity that offers many opportunities; the support to help manifest a dream and even the opportunity to be an utter idiot in front of the universe and still be loved by wonderful friends. Participate in rewriting of a system that isn’t working and hasn’t been for a long time.

Living the Miracle,

Wendy Mendenhall

The Founder of the TAO Metaversity

Blessings to the TAO and all of those that  are called,

Cam Williams

The Voice of the TAO

Connect with us on our Face book fan Page, TAO Metaversity Keyenta and Salt Lake City Blooming

Marketing Gurus supports the TAO Metaversity

hallWhy a TAO Metaversity? Because there is an evolution going on – now. The world is presently moving through a major shift and all aspects of life are changing with it. Why a TAO Metaversity? Because there is an evolution going on – now.

The world is presently moving through a major shift and all aspects of life are changing with it. The work people do, the way they live together, how they relate to one another and how they see their role in society and place in the universe is changing. Humanity cannot continue to resolve twenty-first century dilemmas with first-century guidelines. Providing answers for you at the TAO Metaversity Meeting,

One World Cafe, 4 pm, on the 19th of November.

Until then Expect a Miracle, Wendy Mendenhall, Founder

 TAO Metatversity  Site your invited to learn more~ as well as attend the meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah

Blessings, Cam

The voice of the TAO Metaversity