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Medicinal Beverage GREEN TEA!

Tea has been used in China as a medicinal beverage to promote health in mind and body for about 5000 years. The earliest known reference to tea as a health aid dates back to 2737 B.C.  Green tea has been the beverage of choice among the Chinese elite intellects and bureaucrats who usually have the means to maintain an affluent dining habit. Historically, freshly plucked tea leaves were used directly for tea brewing or lightly heat-processed for preservation of the “health ingredients” if not consumed immediately.  The word “tea” always means green tea in the “Middle Kingdom”.

Recipes for Healthy living, Global Guide to Healthy Living

Tea was an expensive beverage in ancient China. Its use was confined to the wealthy segments of the population. Only in Ming dynasty after the fall of the Mongolian empire in 1368 A.D., tea drinking spread from the elite to the populace.

When China was the sea power of the world (1405-1433), tea was among the indispensable supplies for the seamen. The amount of vitamin C in the tea drink consumed by the seafarers at that time was enough to prevent scurvy which would kill many European sailors more than 100 years later, but was essentially unknown to the medical officers assigned to the fleet of more than 27,000 men on their round voyage from China to Africa.

In a famous painting titled “Drinking Tea” (a poor English translation of the original elegant title in Chinese, meaning “Tea Tending Event”), which is now on display in the Palace Museum, Beijing, the most admired and envied painter of Ming dynasty, Tang Yin (1470-1523), recorded the traditional method for tea preparation at the time when China was the most prosperous nation on earth. As described in the poem written on the painting, an affluent intellect actually plucked fresh leaves from the tea trees growing on the southern hillside below his house to brew tea. This document recorded the fact that fresh or non-oxidized tea leaves, i.e., green tea, were used in the prosperous Chinese society at least until the latter part of Ming dynasty.

Oolong and black teas emerged as prosperity in China declined Oolong and black teas are processed from oxidized tea leaves with some added aroma not present in fresh tea leaves. In ancient China, these teas were produced sporadically, by frying at high temperature the partially degraded oxidized tea leaves which could not meet the stringent timing requirement for green tea production.

Black tea has dark brown color, just like that brown color forming on the cut surface of the head of a fresh lettuce after exposure to atmospheric oxygen. In black tea, most of the antioxidants are polymerized and inactivated, but the caffeine in the tea leaves is preserved. Therefore, the caffeine contents in black tea are higher than in green tea by weight. Black tea was primarily consumed by the minorities living in the northern and the western peripheral territories of the empire where preservation of the quality of green tea was difficult due to the long transportation time required to reach the market and where dairy products constituted a significant part of the regular diet of the populace. Oolong and black teas were first produced in significant quantities and oolong tea became the preferred beverage in southern China around 1650 A.D. when the hungry laborers there recognized that green tea depleted the body fat reserves badly needed for survival

in the years of social turmoil. Subsequently black tea is also produced for export to please the taste buds of the Europeans who like to add sugar and dairy products into their tea drinks. To date, most Chinese living in southern China and in Hong Kong and most Chinese Americans of southern China origin still shun green tea.

As part of our commitment to public education, Fleminger, Inc. has compiled a library of recent scientific publications on absorption of fats in experimental animals and increase in fat oxidation in humans. If you are interested in reading more about the currently available scientific literature on these conditions, please visit

The Introductory period of tea drinking in the West The first shipment of tea to Europe in 1606 by the Dutch East India Company was green tea. Even to this date, the words “Orange Pekoe” printed on the tea bags served in many American and European hotels bears evidence to this fact although these same words are now being used for marketing a high-grade black tea produced in Sri Lanka and in India. In truth, the word “Orange” is the name of the Dutch royal family which had the monopoly in tea trading with China in the early 17th century. The word “Pekoe” is a phonetic spelling of the words “white fine hair” in the Amoy dialect that was used and is still used to describe a physical appearance of a high-grade green tea containing many young leaf buds. “Orange Pekoe” literally has nothing to do with black tea. Black tea does not have “white fine hair” appearance at all.

Mass production of black tea in Sri Lanka began in 1869. The global black tea traders simply transposed an established designation for a high-grade green tea to their new products being sold to the unquestioning public. Black tea became popular in Europe since the 19th century and now constitutes about 80% of the tea products sold in the Western world.

Tea drinking was introduced into the USA from Europe as part of the global tea trade and via the Chinese restaurants operated by the Chinese American immigrants from southern China before 1945. As a result, most Americans are more familiar with black tea in tea bags for convenience or oolong (half-black) tea commonly served in the Chinese restaurants.

The love for green tea is an acquired taste. Based on the 5000 years of tea civilization and the most recent molecular biology research, a health-conscious person should cultivate the taste for green tea in pursuing a healthy diet and life style provided the food calorie intake is more than adequate.

Take a moment and learn how to make a Home made Facial with Green Tea.

A legend tells how a Chinese emperor of a minority origin was converted from a black tea drinker to a green tea drinker to become one of the longest reigning rulers in the history of China. The Story of the Emperor and Green Tea Emperor Chien-lung of the Ching Dynasty who reigned from 1736 to 1796 A.D. disguised himself as a commoner, traveling with two cabinet ministers incognito to the countryside. Since the Manchu Imperial family originally came from a northern minority,

Chien-lung was used to drinking black tea only. When his entourage was passing a tea plantation in south-central China, the servants offered him a cup of choice green tea. After a few sips, the emperor commented: “Too bland. Tasteless,” and continued his journey on horseback. Riding about half of a mile later, the emperor turned to his ministers and said, “Good tea.” The perceptive king suddenly realized that the characteristic soothing savory sweet tea-taste of a choice green tea only comes a few minutes after the sip. Since then, green tea was introduced to the Manchu ruling family as the beverage of choice and a special misty hillside in Zhejiang Province was designated as the Imperial Tea Plantation.

A global green tea movement in the 21st century.  Unless you are living in a society where there is a shortage of food or are under the threat of starvation, you should seriously consider drinking green tea as your primary beverage. The affluent educated public living in this age of information explosion will soon demand the tea merchants to supply a grade of green tea good enough to maintain or to enhance their health in mind and body. The educated consumers want a green tea with no carcinogenic pesticides, with no heavy metal contamination and containing a level of “active ingredients” sufficient for maintaining a healthy immune system and for reducing free radical damage in the body. Dr. Lee’s TeaForHealth™ has set an example for other tea companies to follow. In working with collaborating tea plantations, it has been shown to be possible to avoid using chemically synthesized insecticides in cultivating tea by restricting the tea harvesting events to early spring or in late fall of the year when all the leaf-eating insects are not active.

The tea plantation should be located in an area remote from industrial pollutants or heavy automobile exhaustion discharges because tea leaves are strong absorbents of environmental chemicals. The freshly plucked tea leaves should be heat-processed immediately and properly vacuum-packed with nitrogen flushing. The (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) contents as well as the pesticide and heavy metal residues in the dry tea leaves must be analyzed by an independent laboratory and certified to meet a set of minimum standards before release for marketing. In other words, green tea is a soothing beverage with health-protecting functions and should be treated as such in a serious manner. When using a dry green tea containing at least 7%, preferably 9-10%, EGCG (for example, the High-Antioxidant Green Tea as defined in this website), a daily consumption of 9 to 30 grams of tea leaves brewed properly in a total volume of 1,200 ml of hot water would be adequate for the purpose of maintaining a healthy immune system and for reducing free radical damage in the body. A global green tea movement has begun as a continuation of the tea civilization initiated 5000 years ago in China.

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About the author: Derrick Walker is an advocate of holistic health and believes in cultivating a healthy lifestyle.  Derrick has spent the past twenty years managing and connecting disparate systems and building community on the internet.   He has consulted to, such giants of these industries as: I.B.M.; Syntel, Ford ;  Yamaha; Intuit Software; Warner Bros, Universal Studios, and Siebel  to name just a few.  Derrick currently manages an internet media consultancy and produces health and technology events.

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Sacred Journey, being in your light….


I logged on this morning at my usual time around 5 am…. Yes a cup of Joe in hand! Sweet sacred words from Wendy Mendenhall the founder of the TAO Metaverstiy was my morning wake up call.

Money is always a good, yes indeed. Priceless are words that land amazingly accurate and resonated with my soul. I am holding the writing below in my heart and welcoming a beautiful a mirror of self and sharing it with you. Gracious am I to be of service.

Thank you and bless you Wendy,

Cam Williams

To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Cam Williams. Cam worked with the TAO Metaversity for over two years and throughout most of that time her title included, “The Voice of the TAO Metaversity.” 

In that capacity, she helped in creating The Metaversity’s Blog page, informational movies, facebook and to disseminate information in regards to events, classes, building projects, conversation and other information. Cam has an incredible ability to maintain a conversation, through social networking, to keep people informed, interested, excited and involved. She has an ability to sense what people are feeling and thinking in regards to how they can be involved and what is the next step before people speak it. She is very skilled in enrolling people to participate in community.

She is creative and implements that throughout her artistry.  She was involved 100% and was constant and devoted to what she was creating.

Cam has the ability to connect people throughout many professions, cultures, and ages bring them together to serve a purpose and project. She is sensitive to each of their needs and leaves them feeling as though they were the only person involved because of her special care and thoughtfulness.

Cam is a wonderful asset and I would recommend her and have appreciated her tremendously. I have learned a great deal from Cam.

 If you have any questions, please contact me.

Wendy Mendenhall,

Founder of the TAO Metaversity

TAO Metaversity

Marketing for Deeksha Oneness Kayenta


I am doing my magic with the Oneness awakening weekend in Kayenta. I have Got to post a reciprocal link to do some listing in St. George. Here it is

Now that was easy, you folk may want to list your courses or classes ir whatever on this site, easy fun friendly and did I say easy… Blessings, Cam
See you in St. George..

Flagstaff Conference, Domestic Violence, desire rooms or time share for June 18th and 19th..

National Advocacy & Training Network supports women in recovery from domestic violence.  We are a non profit and will provide a tax receipt for your donation or discounted rate.  We are in need of accommodations in Flagstaff AZ on June 18th and 19th. Naturopaths International has donated 10 passes for the Consciousness with a Cause Convention at the Coconino Community College Lone Tree Campus.  We would greatly appreciate the donation or deep discount of 4 rooms, a time share condo or cottage with kitchen facilities. Assistance of any kind would be most welcome.

National Advocacy & Training Network (NATN) has has two beautiful homes that are located in Mesa and Chandler in Arizona.  Cup O Karma on Southern in Mesa trains the women to re-enter the workforce. Monalou Callery is the founder of NATN and works with ASU in the development of a legal support system that assists the women with their legal needs.  Hear is being developed so that the women can tell their story of domestic violence via a blogging system.  This program is being developed, and donated, by Park & Company in Phoenix, AZ.

As you can see, we have been blessed with help from the business community and so many caring people. Your support would also be a blessing and equally appreciated. 

Please contact me if you can provide answers for our Flagstaff conference accommodation needs, or more details about our non profit.

Cam Williams
Fund Raising
801-577-3646 cell

Fundrasing for an Important Cause, Domestic Violence


Marketing for Gurus has the opportunity to serve many causes with tools such as blogging, event coordination and assisting with fundraising.  I have whole heartedly and enthusiastically joined a foundation of great importance;  The National Advocacy & Training Network,  founded by MonaLou Callery.

Below you will find the areas of support MonaLou has created to help women  in recovery of domestic violence.  I believe you will be impressed by the services provided and, at the same time, will want to lend a hand in making a difference for these women. 

Agency History:

National Advocacy & Training Network

Through grassroots efforts, the National Advocacy & Training Network (NATN) was
incorporated as a non-profit agency in January 2002 by a group of survivors, volunteers,
advocates, and professionals. Our mission is to address the health, safety, economic and
social justice issues related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and substance abuse through
education, public awareness, and direct services. In order to achieve our mission, we operate
three main projects: Training and Technical Assistance; Support, Education, Empowerment &
DirectionS (SEEDs); and Cup O’ Karma: Community Cafe for a Cause.

Programs and Services Overview:

Training and Technical Assistance – NATN provides training and technical assistance
through its’ local and international network of survivors, advocates, and professionals. Last
year, NATN trained 930 individuals about the dynamics of domestic violence.

SEEDs (Support, Education, Empowerment & DirectionS) -“A place to sow, nurture and
grow your heart, mind, body and soul”. The Diane House and the Marilyn House offer
transitional safe homes to address the unmet needs of battered and sexually abused women in
recovery for up to two years, assisting women and their families to achieve self-sufficiency and
live safe, healthy and meaningful lives. SEEDs cultivate the initiative and strength of women
recovering from abuse and addiction through empowerment based advocacy, housing,
healthcare, life skills, education, and job training.

 Cup O’ Karma: Community Cafe for a Cause – NATN provides on the-job-training (OJT)
opportunities for women participating in the SEEDs program through the Job Training Cafe.
Located at 1710 W. Southern Ave., this coffee shop was donated by a local business owner in
June, 2008.

Goals of Cup O’ Karma include:

– Provide quality products and services – offers coffees, teas, smoothies, snacks and
free Wi-Fi; showcase artwork from local artists; Live music and entertainment
Monday, Wed, Friday and Saturdays.
– Provide OJT opportunities for residents of the SEEDs program – two to four
women receive OJT, working 20-hours a week for three (3) months while learning
food service, customer service, marketing, purchasing, and other related skills.
NATN assists the women in locating permanent employment.
– Generate revenue for the agency – All proceeds are used to advance the mission of
NATN. Cup O’ Karma is operated by community volunteers and women
participating in the OJT program; no personnel expenses are accumulated.

Project Evaluation:

Evaluation is based on the short, mid and long-term objectives developed for each program.
Services are closely monitored and adjusted as needed based on the results of the objectives.
Feedback is derived from program participants who play a key role in ensuring that NATN is
an efficient and effective community based, grassroots program.

Constituency Served:

Training and Technical Assistance – Offered to any agency, group or citizen interested in
learning more about domestic violence, sexual assault and/or substance abuse.

SEEDs – Homeless, battered and/or sexually assaulted women in recovery.

Cup O’ Karma – Customers are local community members. Baristas are community
volunteers and SEEDs residents participating in the agency’s job-training program.
Community and Volunteer Involvement:

NATN collaborates with government and existing community based services, utilizing all the
necessary resources to assist the women in accomplishing their goals, staying safe and
maintaining their sobriety. Ninety percent (75%) of the women who reside in the SEEDs
program for 6-months or longer become volunteers for NATN or in their community. Our
programs have an active volunteer base of more than 50 individuals who mentor, deliver life
skills, training, provide outreach, and fundraise.

Key Corporate, Foundation, and Community Supporters:

Arizona Foundation for Women
ASU – SDO College of Law
Bruce & Diane Halle Family Foundation
Deb Carstens
Costco- Chandler
Discount Tires
Frankel Family Foundation
Gary & Jeanne Herberger Foundation
Luis Prado
Marilyn Seymann
NextCare – Urgent Care
Nina Mason Pulliam Trust Fund
Park & Co
Robson Communities
Az Sexual Assault Network
Arizona South Asians for Safe Families
Fix The Hurt – John and Linda King
Infincom Print Solutions
Manos Amigos, Green Valley
Naturopaths International (NI)
O’Connor House
SoundlightingF/X inc.
Songwriters for a Cause
Stealthmode Partners
Sundt Foundation
Veteran’s First
Wells Fargo
Zonta Club of the East Valley

Board of Directors –

NATN has built a dynamic Board of Directors who ALL financially contribute to the agency and
offer their experience and expertise on philanthropy and non-profit sustainability, which is lead
by Marilyn Seymann, Founder of the Arizona Foundation for Women.

Financial Investment:

NATN invests every penny of every dollar directly on resident services, education, prevention,
public awareness, and developing resources.

Breakdown of how contributions are invested:

63% – Resident/Direct Services (housing, food, counseling, education groups)

15% – Prevention (training, outreach, and public awareness)

12% – Administration (management, fundraising, special events, consultants)

10% – Community Development (cross training, partnerships, resource development)

To house one (1) woman with comprehensive support services at one of the homes, it
costs $29.70 per day.

To provide housing and on-the-job training to one (1) woman per day, it costs $52.74

For giving opportunities, Donations and Tax Credits please visit our website:

Life in Balance

Welcoming thoughts,
Divine Grace is the way to fill with the inspiration you desire and require daily.
How blessed we are at the TAO Metaversity with the up and coming Deeksha event/workshop that will grace our space in Kayenta, Utah.
Our time line is early May 2010.  The details of our workshop will be released shortly, we are working on the perfect food, housing and space with of course a Sunday Night Celebration. I am personally delighted to be united once again with many of my friends and family.    In the meantime, below you will find a link to the SLC event in on April 9, 2010.
Feel free to contact Linda Beal and Janet Eakin to be placed on their mailing list.
Janet: 801-205-7000
Linda: 801-577-6307
Certified Oneness Trainers, certified by the Oneness University in India
Living in Grace, Cam
The Voice of the TAO  

Gurus Supports the TAO Metaversity bringing in Kryon to SLC!


This is only the beginning of  workshops being promoted and supported by the TAO Metaverstiy. We are looking forward to many great spokespersons sharing their wisdom and the TAO to be part of carrying the message. Stay close to our calendar by book marking the blog and connecting with Wendy Mendenhall as well as myself for current and future unfolding of the Metaversity’s inspired teachings.

Blessings, Cam Williams
Marketing for Gurus

Lee Carroll has channeled Kryon for 20 years worldwide and is the author of the Kryon Series of 14 books in 24 languages (so far). Well know in Metaphysics, the Kryon channeled books have made the top seller’s list of most New Age distributors within months of release. One of his books, the Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented six times at the United Nations in New York, as well as in 20 different countries overseas, Lee attracts audiences in the thousands.

Lee’s fascinating, entertaining lectures bring a message of love, empowerment and unity for Humanity. Mixed with scientific validation, humor and personal stories, his lectures are favorites within the New Age community.

DATE: SATURDAY and SUNDAY, December 5, 6, 2009 SATURDAY- Kryon SEMINAR TYPE -D- (small Kryon meeting) Lee Carroll presenting 12:00pm to 5:30pm

This is the classic “Up Close” seminar where Lee spends the day giving his profound teaching, plus a Kryon channeling. This year’s program is about “Crossing the Bridge” and our “Akashic Tools.” NOTE: Special music by renowned composer KEN DAVIS! SUNDAY- Kryon SEMINAR TYPE -D- (small Kryon meeting) Lee Carroll presenting 2:30pm to 8:00pm Small venue informal meeting -w/ Live channel

This is THE JOURNEY HOME unveiled. It is a study of Kryon Book Five, The Journey Home. To some, this is a favorite… with personal stories, and full explanation of the metaphors in this very popular book. Kryon channeling (of course). EVENT

RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION: Host: TAO METAVERSITY e-mail: PHONE: 801-403-5679 801-403-5679 COST $95.00 one day $160.00 both days, Credit Cards Accepted, Seating is Limited!! Pre- Register Now! Contact Wendy Mendenhall 801-403-5679 801-403-5679 or

Read more about Kryon at

Expect a Miracle, Wendy Mendenhall

Founder of the TAO Metaversity

The Voice of the TAO Metaversity, Cam Williams
Founder of Marketing for Gurus