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Zo Peacemaker joins my new book “The Global Guide to Healthy Living”! Nice…

I am feeling excited and blessed about my good fortune of knowing and working with such a fine group of alternative health providers, gurus, spiritual leaders and coaches .   Many of them are currently expressing wisdom through the media of books. Zo Peacemakers is up and coming writer that you will want to stay connected to and follow Zo’s insights by reading his books and listening to his on-line recordings.  His wisdom is insightful, helpful and powerful.  Allow Zo to take you with him on a journey to your inner self. His latest and greatest book is “The Infinite Me”​  found on

Compiling my new book “The Global Guide to Healthy Living” is a blast. I am staying connected to many of my friends in SLC and currently in AZ staying warm and close to my family.  How sweet it is. I am watching SL weather and sending love to many that are down right cold and doing a massive amount of shoveling.

Each morning I am learning a little more about Social Media and that has inspired me each and every moment. I am happy! I am seeking healer all over the world to showcase and write about. Please feel free to contact me I would love to hear about your vision and what you are creating to serve the wellness of the planet and her people.

Get to know ZO


The Founder of the SBYC    ​

– CEO of Soulwurx Academy

– Inspirational Speaker / Certified Business Trainer

– Creator of The Process & The Shift Equation​

– Author of the book “The Infinite Me”​

​- Creator of Ghettoslider Clothing
Zo was born with a gift to see and feel energy in different ways that others around him, which made growing up difficult. Raised in constant violence he left home at age 15. At age 16 he began to study philosophy. At 17 he began to travel the western United States snowboarding living a nomadic life with some friends getting jobs where ever they landed. He settled down in Park City, Utah at 19. At age 22 tragedy struck when he lost his newly born son, his home, his job and then his family in a divorce all within a months time. This is when he wrote his prayer of appreciation. Along the way he fell in and out of addiction and finally triumphed at age 29. Shortly after he had an awakening and refocused on philosophy again. He studied the beliefs of religion, spirituality and science  and found a way to combined his life experience with all the positive elements of what he learned. At age 30 he created “The Process” a method for self-healing and shift. He then published his findings in his book “The Infinite Me”. He teaches that whether we are religious or non-religious,  that everyone deserves happiness and love. That love is always the answer and every master since time began has tried to teach us that over and over again. And when we shift out of fear into love, negative into positive, we create magnificent things and overcome internal blocks. Today he is 34  and is an Inspirational Speaker, a Life Coach, a Certified Sales Trainer, Energy Healer  and a published author. Zo is a true under dog that is determined to share with the world that if he can find peace and happiness any one can.

Chapter 1 Audio Version of The Infinite Me on You Tube

Chapter 2 Audio Version of The Infinite Me on You Tube

​​A Personal Message from Zo Peacemaker

Contact Zo!

Face Book  



Phone          (805) 452-0962

Thank you Zo!

Blessings, Cam Williams

Founder,  Marketing for Gurus

Author,   Utah Guide to Healthy Living and the National Guide to Alternative Healthcare.


The Power of a Thank You Note, “known to many as Gratitude”


I am in Arizona on an new project… The wisdom of this decision, I must admit, has wavered  based on the 115 temperatures…YIKES!  Gurus is here and involved in an important calling “Autism Education.”  This sings to my heart. 

Autism is a growing challenge for many families and rising at an alarming rate.   As always, Gurus Marketing is in full swing.  My skill and talent on the net will bring new information and awareness to the “Autism Epidemic.”   I’ll keep you updated. My current on-going projects are still thriving, thank heavens I can work anywhere!

Now, for today’s Guru topic, The Video~Thank You Note.  Last week, I met with a local car company experiancing  a slow down in their car lot foot traffic.  We discussed the possibility of using video as a tool allowing customers to get a good look at their cars in an entertaining, fun and detailed way. 

The importance for many customers is to learn and decide which company to contact, from the comfort of their own home.  This is significant.  The mind set of people on the Net today is  “Keep me entertained as you show me your wares.”

I designed a Thank you Note after getting home from the consultation with my (YES!) new client.   I took some time, put the note together and simply hit send. They were impressed, and now want a Thank You for all of their clients.   Who can blame them?  I had a great time developing the note. Below is the Thank You Note that closed the deal…

What a brilliant way to stay in a relationship with your customers!  If you want your customers to spread the word about your product or service, be amazing and use this tool.  We all know the #1 way to attract new clientele is to treat your current clients extremely well. Word of mouth is still your most powerful tool in generating new sales.

Contact me to create a Video Thank You for your company and/or Product. If you don’t have a Blog you need one! Call me~

Cam Williams