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Join us, Global Guide to Healthy Living, excellent source of income for you.

I am currently compiling a on line directory guide for holistic health providers and products. Seeking providers of all modalities that enhance well being for their community. The “Global Guide to Healthy living” is looking for writers that are in a healing field, large or small. The topic of your writing will be about you and/or your whole health business, a cause you are currently supporting or a personal opinion.  Topics of healthy recipes, events, spiritual practice, sound therapy, body work, personal experience of healing are welcomed. If you have something to say we want to hear about it!
Making money with “Marketing Gurus” is an option by referring your friends and health related associates who are interested in their business thriving (must be of a healthy nature). You are paid on each referral. They invited also be paid when they referring to their community.
Our goal is to grow quickly. We believe in the grass roots approach creating powerful quick contact from one to another who of are of like mind and lifestyle of health.
Your writing brings you business, by being placed in the guide, your contact information is fully included in your work. We provide sources for you to earn money quickly with your contacts and co workers being in the educational directory.
Join us, it is valuable work and an excellent source of income.
Our goal is to continue to build a interactive site that will give the readers an education and direction for their healing choices. We need your help and we want you to have financial support in your life and in your business. 2013 is the now the time when we do what it is we are called to do.
Impact lives with your practice and educating globally, contact us today,
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Call today or text 801-577-3646

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You are Your Own Healer

The body, under direction of the mind has the power to heal itself. The problem is that while scientists have spent endless hours coming up with medicinal remedies, we have yet to learn how to master, or even more completely utilize, our minds.



We are walking, talking, moving, thinking, and healing machines. Because we intrinsically have the ability to heal, medical practitioners are beginning to employ the mind, learning to tap into the unconscious mind (also known as our “cellular wisdom”) in order to harness its power through techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Creative Visualization & Relaxation (CVR). Putting those practices into play and activating the mind has been shown to give the injured, sick, and stressed the ability to mend their own wounds.

If you’re looking for a new way to tap into your healing potential, why not tap into your mind?

For more information visit www.nlp.com or www.newreality.com